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Premature Ejaculation Treatment 3 Possible Cures For Your Early Ejaculation Problem

Chris Bailey

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Premature ejaculation can be successfully treated if you know how. Discover 3 important ways that you can avoid premature ejaculation in this article.

Natural Methods

With any treatments, it always makes sense to look first for the natural ways.

One way is to simply try to distract yourself during sex. This may be hard to do when you are facing your partner but if you are in different positions such as receiving oral sex or facing the rear of your partner then this is easier. Think of something non-sex related like the shopping that you need to do.

Another great natural method is to try out different positions. Many people with premature ejaculation are not so adventurous and only return to their favourite 3 or 4 positions. There are many positions where ejaculation can be delayed and yet both partners can enjoy the experience. The best thing is to experiment and practice.


These are creams or ointments, sometimes placed inside a condom, where you apply them before sex and they reduce to a small degree the sensations in your penis. This makes you much less likely to ejaculate early.

The problem with this type of premature ejaculation treatment is that you do need to prepare ahead of time. Also, they can make sex less enjoyable due to reduced sensitivity.


These are really the last resort in treating PE. What these drugs will do is to solve your anxiety about your performance.

You will no longer worry while you are having sex about how long you may last. And therefore you will last longer because you don't even think about it.

The problem is that many men are 100% confident in all aspects of their life apart from how long they last in bed. Using mood altering drugs to fix PE is like taking a sledgehammer to crack open a nut and can have all sorts of unwanted consequences.

Are you totally fed up of your bedroom problem? Do you really want to cure it for good? These methods work but they are either inconvenient of have unwanted side effects. I road tested all the methods and I want to share with you the better techniques so you can cure your premature ejaculation for good. Discover how to stop your problem for good by visiting my site,


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Premature Ejaculation Solutions Stop Your Ejaculation
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