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Male Abdominal Fat How Do I Eliminate It?


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How do I eliminate male abdominal fat? Good question, right? Male abdominal fat is a real problem for millions of North Americans and male's worldwide. Having a few extra pounds around the midsection can lead to all kinds of health concerns, including increased blood pressure and increased chance of diabetes. Those are two very real reasons why dropping that excess male abdominal fat should be a real priority.

Three things affect male abdominal fat the most . In this article, we'll visit these male abdominal issues and look at how to correct it, making it easier for you to lose the fat and look and feel great doing it!


Sure, drinking that cold sudsy beer after a hard days work feels great. Maybe you enjoy a few more than just one on the weekends? Drinking more than two on any given day is a male abdominal fat nightmare. Beer or most alcoholic beverages pack a whopping calorie count. 200-300 calories per drink to be exact. Not only do those calories go straight to the belly, but also alcohol slows your metabolism down, making it harder for your body to burn those calories. If you drink enough of these weight gaining alcoholic drinks over time, you're sure to pack on the male abdominal fat fast. The solution? Lay off the suds for a while. Better yet, replace it with something that won't add to the bulge, such as vegetable juice or fresh squeezed orange juice.

Diet is King

Chips, chocolate, gummy bears and junk food of all stripes add weight to your belly and entire body. A proper diet is essential if you want to lose your male abdominal fat . Put down that bag of chips and pick up a carrot stick with low fat dip. That's the key to losing your male abdominal fat . It's hard, and that's because junk food and sugar release chemicals in your brain called endorphins that make it almost addictive. In fact, if eaten on a regular basis, you may crave junk food as much as some junkies crave their drug of choice!Eating properly is a conscious decision. In order to lose your male abdominal fat , you need to decide and follow through on your diet choices. Question everything you put in your mouth, and only eat what is good for you. The Internet can be a wonderful tool when it comes to eating properly. With a click of a mouse, you can look up the calorie content and fat content of any food.

Get Active

The third and final thing that contributes to male abdominal fat is lack of exercise. Watching sports on TV and munching on those potato chips is not going to help you lose your male abdominal fat. Staying active isn't that hard. Just stay more active than you were when you gained the weight in the first place and let your new diet take care of the rest. Take a walk after meals or find something you enjoy to do. If you enjoy bird watching for instance, that's a great opportunity to spend time with family and to go on a beautiful nature hike in the woods. Now that you know what causes male abdominal fat, and how to lose it, what's stopping you?

Looking to lose abdominal fat quickly and safely? I'd highly suggest checking out: Losing Abdominal Fat

Pat Walsh is a highly respected author in the fields of weight loss and nutrition.


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