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Premature Ejaculation Solutions Stop Your Ejaculation

Chris Bailey

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There are a few premature ejaculation solutions that you can use when you think that you are soon going to ejaculate. Some are better than others. Let's take a magnifying glass and look up close, in this article.

Stop And Start

This is the worst method but it's worth mentioning. When you feel that you are going to ejaculate then you can stop what you are doing and pull your penis out of your partner's vagina.

Then you can do some foreplay and concentrate on your woman for a while. Within a few minutes you should be ready to go again.

The problem with this method is that both you and your partner will find it inconvenient to stop penetration in this way.

Squeeze Method

This is an interesting method which works for some people. What you do is when you are almost going to ejaculate, quickly pull out your penis and apply a hard squeeze with your fingers to the glans. Your penis will deflate and lose blood and you will lose arousal.

Now you just need to gain an erection again and continue sex. Sometimes it works better when your partner does the squeezing instead of you.


This is not really a method that I recommend but I want to tell you anyway. Some doctors have prescribed antidepressants to men to stop their premature ejaculation.

The reason it works is because PE is caused by anxiety about how long you can last before ejaculating. So taking antidepressants will take away your anxiety.

I think this method is flawed though, because you could be a very confident person in all walks of life except for your sex life. And drugs will alter your mood at all times, not just in the bedroom.

Natural Methods

This is by far the best of the premature ejaculation solutions out there. There are various natural techniques that will allow you to last much longer but the best thing about them is that they are permanent. You don't need to take any pills or use any special squeeze grips on your penis. Your partner won't be inconvenienced either.

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