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3 Reasons To Try Erectile Dysfunction Drug Alternatives


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Viagra has been the dominating drug in curing impotence for decades. But Nowadays there are new alternatives appearing on the market. Below are 3 good reasons to try these alternatives. There are way too many scam products on the internet; by the end of this article you'll discover an impotence cure that is legitimate and effective.

1. Viagra alternatives have no side effects.

If you've taken Viagra before, you may know that Viagra can cause various side effects. You may have experienced this, and believe me, they are not pleasing. Some common Viagra side effects include headaches, flushing, dizziness, sneezing, dyspepsia and blurriness and loss of vision.

Some serious side effects are priapism (painful and harmful medical condition that happens when the erect penis does not return to its flaccid state), abnormally low blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke and even sudden death. There also have been rare cases of blindness; these victims have sued Pfizer because they believed Viagra was the main cause of their permanent loss of vision. Search Google News for these stories.

The alternatives have no side effects because they are made of natural, herbal ingredients. Herbals are on the rise in popularity and effectiveness as of today because they cannot cause any side effects like their chemical counterparts.

2. Herbal alternatives are cheaper and don't require a prescription

If you've bought Viagra before (at least legally), you know that you require a prescription from a doctor to purchase the drug. This can be expensive and time-consuming. Herbal Viagra alternatives are over the counter, which means they don't require a prescription. This saves many hours of time.

Viagra can cost up to $14 per pill, and any price lower is generic level. Generic Viagra is the same drug as the brand name Viagra, but they are of lower quality and can be illegal in some areas of the world. Many ‘fake Viagra’ sellers have been arrested in the United States and in other places around the world.

Any Viagra that you bought without a prescription is highly likely to be fake or generic. Herbal Viagra alternatives are over the counter, meaning you don't require a prescription from the doctor, and can cost only $1 per pill. The better working products can cost around $1.5 per pill.

3. Herbal impotence cures work faster and better

It can take about 30 minutes to an hour to start working, and achieves maximum plasma concentration at around 1-2 hours from ingesting time. It can take longer to work if taken after a high-fat meal and with a much weaker effect. It might not even work for some people. Viagra alternatives only take 30-45 minutes to start working, because of their herbal ingredients.

Some herbal ingredients that are great sex drive boosters are Epimedium, also known as Horny Goat Weed, and Maca, the herb from Peru that has over 50 positive benefits to the human body. These famous herbs are very beneficial to men in their sexual health and overall life.

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