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Size Genetics - The Importance of Keeping Track


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It's often been said that the first steps of any journey are the hardest, but once you've begun everything gets easier. That's why the use of a Size Genetics device has to start with a double proof of honesty from you, the customer. The first is an honest and dedicated commitment to the device and the included exercise program, and the second is an accurate and honest starting measurement of your penis. There should be no reason to exaggerate this measurement because if you are persistent and continue to use the device as directed, you will see the good results of your effort sooner than you think. An honest measurement at the beginning will mean that much more satisfaction when the first inches begin to show. So take care with those first measurements and make sure they are as accurate as possible, in order to gain a full understanding of exactly what the device has or has not achieved for you.

There are four measurements necessary when starting an enlargement program with the Size Genetics device. You will firstly need the flaccid length and girth, and then the erect length and girth. This will give you a very complete picture of your penis size. Measuring correctly is vital in this case, more so because your penis is not a piece of wood or metal. The penis is made of tissues that contract and expand according to room temperature, physical exertion and certain psychological factors. Just knowing that you are going to measure your penis is enough to get the blood flowing into the Corpora Cavernosa. Therefore you should try to be as calm as possible before measuring your penis. For both the flaccid and erect states, length is always measured from the side, while standing up straight and keeping the penis extended in front of you. Do not stretch the penis, but simply prop it with your fingers. Girth should always be measured at the middle of the shaft. The most important part of this is to always measure your penis in the same way, at the same point in the shaft for girth, and at the same point in the shaft for length. Only this way will you get an accurate picture of your gains throughout the 6 months.

Every time you measure your penis, remember to write the size down in your logbook. This way you will be able to identify the growth pace of your own body, based on how much the time it took to add an extra inch of tissue to the penis. At first, you will probably think little of the Size Genetics logbook. After all, it contains nothing more than your starting size. However, a couple of months later the logbook will be proof of the results brought by your persistence and a source of pride. It will also help you set the pace of workouts. Be careful, though, because it is far too easy to give in to eagerness and measure your penis every week, although one week is too short to notice any significant changes. Too frequent measuring leads to depression and loss of motivation.

The bottom line is that you need to give a proper place to the logbook. You should not become obsessed with it, but you should not forget all about it either. If you think you may not remember to measure your penis and make a logbook entry every month, then try setting automatic reminders. The mobile phone or computer calendar can make perfect reminders, but feel free to use any method you are comfortable with or have employed successfully before. Thus, your logbook will be both proof of your gains with the Size Genetics device and probably spur you on to continue using it.

For more information about the SizeGenetics device please don't hesitate to visit for an in depth review.


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