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FAQ - Is Masturabtion Morally Wrong and Should I Feel Guilty As a Man?


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There are many reasons why self-pleasure can make a man feel shame. Men may feel that by ejaculating as an act of self-love is stealing from their partner. Men may also have been repressed due to the views of adults when growing up. Then there are some men whose guilt from self-love can also be credited to fantasies that can go back to childhood that are connected to masturbation. Which then makes a man feel guilty to revive them when they have a full rewarding sexual life.

The markers that are associated with guilt are too numerous to mention here. I cannot really comment on religious grounds. I have to confess that I am ordinary man so that I cannot claim to have a degree to say that I am qualified to comment on the physiological effect involved.

My article will try to explain little why men may feel such guilt and will give what I consider valid reason not to feel guilt towards self-pleasure but to in fact embrace and enjoy such acts as they can be very beneficial to men in many ways.

Masturbation isn’t unclean, disgraceful, or perilous for the health. Incredibly though self-pleasure has been considered for a long time to be a bad habit which is due to centuries of mis-education and prejudice that have turned something that should be enjoyable into something guilty. The present day translation maintains the disapproving image alive: to masturbate comes from the association of two Latin words, manus (hand) and stuprare (soil, make dirty). Self-love doesn’t make you wrong, nuts or even give you acne. It can be a sign of emotional problems if it becomes compulsive but it really is something to embrace.

Masturbation has been condemned for a long time. Faith transmit it as a sin and although we have moved on as individuals to become more self aware the shame attached to masturbation has stuck with some people still powerless to truly feel relaxed about gaining bliss from their own body.

The use of self-pleasure open up doors to other possibilities it can reduce the over use of penile stimulation and bring in a new area of enjoyment and variety into the bedroom. It offers many different ways for men to reach orgasm and other types of pleasure. In men it can bring a force of excitement that is no allowed by the use of penetration alone but can be pin point certain areas of the penis to get such as the glans to really bring a fresh experience to love-making.

Men can feel guilty about resorting to masturbation, as if they stole something from their significant other: if to be fulfilled by masturbation leads you to refuse sex with your spouse, obviously there is a quandary. But, in a duo, it is not necessary that you do everything jointly; must all enjoyment be strictly shared? Sports, music and shopping do you have to do them all together? When self-pleasure isn’t an escape, but a search for a balance, then you both will be at ease, and can experience a healthy sex life without tension. Where as frustration due to an insufficient sexuality might cause you to resent your partner, and even wish to move away from sex with him or her.

In conclusion there are a many ways men can live out their sexuality. Masturbation is one: by yourself or in the presence of a partner, frequent or occasional, solitary or mutually shared, it colours the life of one person, is absent in the life of another one, is accessible with out ever being imposed, something that people can take or leave according to their impulse.

I hope that this article has opened up the vision that self-pleasure is really something that can have so many positive benefits for men and can really be a doorway to a more rewarding sex life for your partner and yourself. It is practised by many men and for most it has been something that has only helped then in life. This article only gives a general introduction to masturbation and guilt and many men may still have questions or still feel unsure. Please read this article again and see it can really be such a positive influence.

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