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Fix Premature Ejaculation Fast With This Premature Ejaculation Cure


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There are a large number of causes of premature ejaculation. This article will reveal the causes of this condition plus how to fix it fast with some premature ejaculation cures.

I would hazard a guess that millions of men suffer from this condition at least at some point in their lives. In fact, one study has revealed that 29 percent of all men experience this condition. Some men who suffer from this condition orgasm during foreplay, while some men can even orgasm without having any sexual contact with a woman.

First let's discuss some of the common causes.

Lifestyle and environmental factors may trigger this condition without you being aware of it. There are a number of factors that contribute to this occurring which include regularly riding bicycles and intermittent drug use.

It is also believed that self-stimulation can contribute to this occurring also. The reason being that generally the goal with self-stimulation is to orgasm quickly. That inadvertently teaches your penis that the aim is to get it over and done with in the shortest amount of time possible.

I would also say that having sex quickly before your parents come home or in some unexpected places can also attribute to making your penis believe it must be finished fast before you are caught or embarrassed in some way.

It seems that what occurs in our early sex life can have a lot to do with the kind of lover that men and women become when they are suddenly in a situation that the whole act doesn't need to be hurried and the aim is for both partners to be pleased.

Some drugs and even prescription medications can also make it harder to start erect longer and also make it difficult to control when ejaculation will actually occur.

Now some preventative tips that work.

There are some specific medications such as Prozac and Cipramil that can actually control premature ejaculation due to the transmission of serotonin. It is necessary to take these kind of medications a few hours before any lovemaking occurs.

Sometimes the use of a condom can reduce the friction feeling and the desire to orgasm too early.

Another method includes withdrawing the penis when it becomes too sensitive and also pressing penis firmly to avoid ejaculation occurring.

I have heard of some men thinking of mundane things like what they need to buy at the supermarket to try and keep their mind off things (although this could be a little disconcerting for the woman).

It is important to be as relaxed as possible prior to the act.

Also, there are some benefits occasionally to orgasming quickly. This can then lead to a second sexual encounter where more focus can be put on the woman and making her orgasm.

If you know that you orgasm quickly I would recommend that you do what you can to make your partner orgasm before you do, otherwise they may likely feel short-changed by the experience.

It is perfectly normal to experience this at some point in your lives. However, if you are after a permanent method to fix your premature ejaculation I recommend you check out the website below.

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