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Get Rid Of Puffy Nipples


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Puffy nipples are a frustrating cosmetic condition which a great deal of men suffer from. Puffy nipples are in fact a form of Gynecomastia, which is also known as man boobs. Often, Gynecomastia causes the men who suffer from it to have bloated, female like breasts. But at other times, the situation is manifested in the appearance of puffy, feminine, nipples.

Puffy nipples do not indicate any health hazard, but they are very aggravating in terms of self confidence and self esteem. Most men feel that women find puffy nipples on men to be unattractive. This view is indeed correct, as puffy nipples are considered immasculine.

Puffy nipples are caused by deposits of excess chest fat which make the nipples bulge outwards. If you succeed in reducing these deposits of excess fat, the appearance of your nipples will also improve.

What are the options for men who wish to have normal looking nipples instead of puffy ones?

Here are the 3 main treatment avenues open to you:

1. Special diet and fitness programs targeted to reduce the amount of chest fat that you have. A regular diet won't do as well because you need to lose more fat in your chest area than in the rest of your body.

2. Plastic surgery in which the excess chest is removed and the chest and nipples are reshaped. Bear in mind that plastic surgery is very expensive, at least 4,000$, and is very risky and painful.

3. Male chest fat reduction pills. These are pills which target the chest area and reduce the amount of excessive chest fat that you have. Many men have reported excellent results with these pills.

Whatever you do, don't procrastinate. Thousands of men have already had their puffy nipples reduced. Don't be left behind.

To read tips and ways on how to totally eliminate your puffy man nipples man boobs click here: Get Rid Of Your Puffy Man Nipples and Man Boobs .

John Davenport is a fitness and diet expert. He is also an active contributer to the Man Boobs expert website: , which includes great information on man boobs.


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