What is Andropause And How It Affects You?


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Approaching middle age, a lot of men feel their lives are coming to a pause. They might experience low sex drive, lack of energy and a growing waist they did not have when younger. This may signal the condition of Andropause, and is caused by low testosterone levels.

Testosterone levels peak in a man around age 30 and then begin a gradual decline. By the time men are between 40 and 60, the decreasing levels of testosterone can noticeably affect their health and well-being.

Even though one out of two men in this age group suffers from Andropausal symptoms, the condition is often not correctly diagnosed. Testosterone replacement therapy can help you start playing again.

The Importance of testosterone Testosterone is the male sex hormone and It is produced in the testes and adrenal glands. This hormone works all over the body and occur gradually in men resulting in changes in mind, attitude, energy level, sex drive and physical agility and thus affecting your health and overall well-being.

There are great variations in testosterone levels among healthy men, so how Andropause affects each individual can vary just as greatly. The most important symptoms are:

a. Low sex drive - Decreased libido; Erectile dysfunction
b. Growing waist - Abdominal obesity
c. Lack of energy - Depressed mood; Decreased cognitive function; Decreased general
well-being; Loss of muscle mass and strength.

A healthy lifestyle can ease the symptoms of Andropause. This means healthy eating, exercising and reducing alcohol intake. Try to stop smoking, manage stress and avoid excess weight gain or loss

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