Benefits and Male External Catheters (Silicone Latex Free)


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Men suffering from urinary incontinence have to face a highly embarrassing situation everyday because of their condition. To make things a bit convenient for them male external catheters are a great help. These can be slipped on like a condom. The other end has a tube that can be connected to a urine collection bag. It is better to go for latex-free silicone external catheters, as these do not cause irritation to the skin.

The External Catheters

The urinary bladder is a small balloon-like organ located just behind the pubic bone. The urine that passes out from the kidneys is stored in the bladder. When the bladder gets full, it sends a message to the brain, which then sends a signal for the sphincter muscles to relax and allow the urine to flow out until the bladder is empty. This seemingly simple function can develop certain snags, which may make urination a troublesome experience. Due to certain medical conditions, people may lose control over their bladder and develop urinary incontinence. In this case, they may pass urine or a few drops of it involuntarily. It can be socially quite embarrassing.

To help such people, an external catheter is used, which is more convenient to handle than an internal catheter. An external catheter, mainly used by men, is slipped on to the male organ. The other end that forms into a tube is attached to a disposal bag. The benefit of having an external catheter is that you can conveniently remove it and replace it yourself.

Here are some tips to help manage your external catheter.

  • Hygiene is a prerequisite in such matters. After touching the catheter or the urine bag, make sure that you wash your hands properly. You may also wash the skin that is exposed to the catheter regularly.

  • Place the collection bag at a level lower than your bladder so that the urine flows down conveniently without any obstruction. Remember that fluids flow from a higher plane to a lower one.

  • Make sure that the tube attached to the urine bag is flexible to help maneuverability. Keep the catheter and the connecting tube free from kinks or loops to allow obstruction-free flow of the urine into the urine bag.

  • Empty the urine bag when it fills, never allowing the urine to remain in the tube when the bag is full. You may also empty the bag every four to eight hours or as needed. Refrain from touching the end of the spout when disconnecting the bag from the tube. If you do so accidentally, wash your hands thoroughly.

  • Fix the catheter tube securely to the thigh with the help of a strap. Leave room for some slack so that there is no pressure on the catheter when you move your leg. Although the external catheter is well secured on your organ, chances are that a firm pull might dislodge it.

  • Avoid disconnecting any portion of the drainage. If the tube end is disconnected, clean the end with alcohol and reconnect it. If you find the ends getting loose, you may ask for advice from the doctor or nurse, as the catheter may need replacement.

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    Jeff Luckey is in research and development at - Information and products to help manage incontinence, and related issues.

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