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Just as with the vasectomy the man will again have after care for the vasectomy reversal. The doctor will be able to give you a list of after care instructions for you to take home following your vasectomy reversal procedure. Actually the best thing to do is ask the doctor to give you the after care instructions and go over them with you a few days before you undergo your vasectomy reversal so that you can go get the items you need and make arrangements fro anything else before you even have your surgery.

The doctor will ask you to stay in your bed or on your favorite recliner for a few days following your vasectomy reversal. You will be instructed to ice down the area for a couple of days to prevent any additional swelling to the scrotum or surrounding areas, Once you are allowed out of your bed you should stay relatively inactive for about a week. Stay away from heavy lifting, running or jumping and pretty much any other high or medium impact activity. The doctor will likely tell you to avoid ejaculation for a few weeks after your vasectomy reversal.

It is likely that you will have at least one follow up visit to make sure that you are healing the right way. The doctor will probably run a number of tests to determine if there is semen in your ejaculate. If the doctor tells you to do something you should do it and understand that it is for your own good.

Lastly, if there is excessive pain, swelling or anything else out of the ordinary as a result of the surgery make sure to let the doctor’s office know about it as it could get worse and cause irreparable damage.

Just as you did with your vasectomy, you will heal from the vasectomy reversal and hopefully go on to prosper and have more children. Though it is not guaranteed, the vasectomy reversal procedure these days has come quite a long way and success rates have definitely gone up. I wish you the best of luck with your vasectomy reversal.

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