Head Shaving: Tips For Shaving Your Head From A Head Shaving Veteran


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Head shaving is something I have personal experience with. I started shaving my head in 1995 and have been doing it every two days since then.

In my case, when my hair started thinning, I figured I could do what some guys do and start a hair part from the back of my head and try to cover it up, or I could shave it off.

I chose the latter.

I figured that if my hair isn't going to cooperate and cover my head completely, I'll just shave it off and keep people guessing.

Head shaving is something that has certainly become popular over perhaps the last 20 years or so. It is a look that has been popularized by many celebrities and athletes and has become an acceptable look for men and even for women!

When I shaved my head for the very first time, I made the mistake of using a brand new cheap disposable razor.

I cut myself in about 10 different places and could hear and feel every cut I made.

Learning from my experience, I then started using a disposable razor that I'd first used on my face a few times. This wasn't much better but it did help.

I then figured out that perhaps I shouldn’t be so cheap and should invest in a better quality disposable razor so I purchased a brand name razor with removable cartridges.

I've been head shaving with this type and brand of razor ever since.

I rarely cut myself anymore and can generally shave my head in the shower without use of a mirror in about 60 seconds or so. You can get good at it quite quickly once you've done it a few times!

In my case, I found out that the cheap disposables just didn't cut it (no pun intended) for my head shaving. My skin just didn't react well and I found myself cutting my head regularly.

For me, the higher quality razor with disposable cartridges is far superior and the technology is changing all the time. While razor companies used to offer only single blade cartridges, you can now buy higher-end disposables with up to 5 blades! I haven't bought the 5-blade one yet but I'm thinking about it.

Occasionally – such as when I go on vacation – I might simply bring my electric shaver and use it for both my face and my head. I've found that I can get good results using my electric razor to shave my head but it takes longer than it does with the manual razor.

When it comes to head shaving, figure out what your skin will tolerate and check out various shaving options. You might get by with the cheap disposables, you might need the more expensive higher-end disposable cartridge razors or you might opt for an electric shaver.

Whatever you choose, it's a pretty cool feeling when you do your head shaving for the very first time and feel the smooth, hair-free surface.

Besides, if the shaved head look doesn't suit you, it will grow back.

In most cases, anyways!

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