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Understanding what can cause you to snore is the first step in curing your snoring problem. There are quite a few different causes, each of them treatable in different ways.

In general, snoring is a result of a lack of airflow through the airways at the back of your mouth and nose. This is in the area at the back of your mouth, where your upper throat and tongue meet the uvula and soft palate.

When these tissues make contact, they vibrate which results in the sound of snoring.

Lack of muscle tone in the throat and tongue are one reason people snore. If the muscles are too relaxed, they can cause the airway to become restricted, which causes blockage and ultimately snoring.

Alcohol is another cause of overly relaxed muscles. Because alcohol is a depressant, it can cause your muscles to relax more than normal, leading to snoring. If you're planning to drink at night, it's best to stop about 4 hours before you go to bed to minimize the chance of snoring.

Sleeping pills and antihistamines are other depressants that have a similar effect to alcohol.

Being overweight is another common problem. It can lead to excess fat deposits in your neck and throat area, which can put pressure on your airway and restrict your breathing.

Allergies can also be a factor in snoring. They often cause nasal congestion which makes it difficult to breathe and can result in snoring.

The best solution for allergies is to use a nasal decongestant. Because antihistamines can contribute to snoring, they're not the best way to deal with allergies. At night, try to stick to a decongestant.

These are a few of the more common reasons for snoring problems. Whether one of these problems sounds like it might be what is causing your snoring or not, it's best to discuss the problem with a health care professional to get their informed opinion.

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