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Meditation At Home For Perfect Healthy Life

Rahul Rai

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Meditation is a holistic way to calm your mind, body and soul. In this hyperactive world, we need some quiet time for ourselves to free our mind from continuous mental activity and bring peace & serenity in our lives. There are many ways to do meditation e. g. joining a yoga class, at a park or at any quiet place. You can also meditate at home and start reducing stress, anxiety, overthinking & irritability and add vitality, emotional stability & happiness in your life.

Here are few tips on how to start meditation at home:

Eat light stay light: Meditation should be done relatively in an empty stomach. The ideal time to practice meditation at home is two hours before or after taking a meal. When you are loaded with food, you may feel heavy and start dozing off when you do yoga. Similarly, if you are hungry you might keep thinking of food all the time. So having a light meal is key to doing proper meditation.

Find a right place: Choosing a right place is critical to get the benefits of meditation. Select a quiet and peaceful place where there is less chances of getting disturbed by external factors. Doing meditation at home requires focus and dedication to keep all source of distractions at bay. Practicing yoga at a peaceful environment make the entire process more relaxing and enjoyable.

Be comfortable: One of the easiest way to meditate at home is to sit comfortably in a relaxed posture to practice yoga. Making your body relaxed and comfortable is essential to practice yoga successfully. Always sit straight, close your eyes and loosen your entire body.

Warm up: Doing a little warm up exercises or asanas are important before starting meditation. Warming up helps in improving circulation, removes dullness or inertia and makes you feel light. Doing a little warm up gets your body ready.

Control breathing: Breathing in the right manner is very essential for healthy living. Concentrate on deep breathing to prepare yourself for yoga. Controlling your breathing is the most important aspect in making your mind peaceful and relaxed.

Schedule a convenient time: Meditation is basically done to relax your body and mind. The right time would be definitely at a time when you are not rushing anywhere or under any obligations. Pick a time when you are mostly free and lower chances of getting distracted by other commitments. Meditation is best to begin in the early hours or at sunset, these timings are considered to be most ideal to meditate.

Be relaxed: When you start or do meditation always remember to do in a relaxed manner. Remember, you started yoga to bring peace and tranquility into your mind, so don’t ever rush up. If you hurry up, the whole purpose of doing yoga would be missing.

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