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Guide For Breathing Meditation Techniques

Linus Rylander

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One of the most important concepts when it comes to meditating is your breathing, it needs a certain rhythm and that can be hard to find sometimes.

Well, throughout this article I'm going to give you some tangible tips you can apply to your next meditating session.

First of all, I'm just going to talk a bit about the Alpha State of mind. This is where you want to go when you're meditating, unless you're REALLY advanced, then you can aim for Theta, but that's another story. The Alpha State is where your brain is vibrating in the Alpha Frequency, which is between 7 and 14 beats per second. I don't know how spiritually evolved you are, but basically that's a heightened state of awareness and it opens up a connection to your subconscious mind, where you have a direct link to the universe itself.

When meditating, this is the state you're aiming to get to, most of the time. And surprisingly, with a little practice it's not that hard to get there.

How do you get there?

Well, here's a technique. It's standard practice but I'll just explain this, just in case. Also this is the very first thing you do after setting your intention on what you want to accomplish with this particular meditating session. If you don't set a goal like that before every meditation, then you should start doing so, it'll enhance everything greatly.

It's called the 3 to 1 method, and it goes like this:

Take a deep breath. . . and on the exhale mentally repeat and visualize the number 3, three times. . .

. . take another deep breath, and on the exhale mentally repeat and visualize the number 2, three times. . .

. . another deep breath, and on the exhale mentally repeat and visualize the number 1, three times.

With practice that's all you need to get to Alpha, because your mind and body is conditioned to do so, but as I said it takes a lot of practice and repetition.

I like to follow that up with something to get you even deeper and FOCUS your mind on a single thing, which is also something you want to do in meditation.

It goes like this:

You imagine yourself sitting on a beach in front of the ocean. . . The number 100 appears, drawn in the sand. . . as you inhale a wave from the ocean appears and comes up on the beach and covers and erases the number 100. . . the wave flushed back into the ocean as you exhale.

During the time when your lungs are empty and all is still. . . the number 99 appears in the sand. . . etc.

You continue this down to 0. With practice you'll manage to not fall asleep, hah.

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