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Experiencing Emotional Roller Coasters Once You Begin Meditating

Ariel Bravy

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Meditation is often considered linked to ideas such as peace, stillness, happiness, freedom, and joy.

People who begin meditating may certainly experience these states during meditation, especially later on down the line, but many times what they experience is the exact opposite, both during meditation as well as in day-to-day life.

It is very common for meditators to begin to experience emotional roller coasters and so understanding what's going on behind the scenes can really help a person deal with the emotions more easily.

We have lots of repressed emotions (energy in motion that has been pushed down, stuck) which, when they are allowed to be without resistance, they will begin to be let go of. Emotions naturally want to flow, just like all of life, and when you stop putting the brakes on them, they'll naturally begin to flow through you and out, even if they had been stuck for many many years.

The emotional roller coaster is really nothing more than a release. They have begun to flow again and are now coming back up into your awareness. This is a positive thing, a healthy thing.

The object is to simply allow these emotions to be just as they are and release them through non-resistance. When you cease struggling with your emotions, your emotions will cease to be a struggle.

So any time you notice emotions popping up, thank your body and your self for bringing this stuck energy to your awareness and allow it to be let go of. Don't force the emotions to leave or try and smack them with the door on their way out. Allow them to be released on their own and the emotions will naturally exit your energy field.

This is a healing process. Despite the appearance of emotional turbulence that arises, it's actually a wonderfully healing experience in the end.

In place of what was stuck energy, you may allow yourself to receive the Love, healing, and help the Universe is always sending you. You may allow yourself to receive it all, now. :)

Ariel Bravy is a spiritual teacher guiding people along the pathway to enlightenment to open themselves up to unconditional love by raising their level of consciousness.

His in depth teachings are available at and you are invited to come and be a part of the evolution of human consciousness on earth.


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