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Manifestation Meditation A Practical Guide to the Law of Attraction

Constantine George

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Leave aside the marketing hype, The Secret and The Law of Attraction bear some truth: our thoughts create reality. Let me elaborate.

Universe is energy. This was demonstrated by science. Quantum Physics showed that there is no hard matter inside the atom: just various forms of energy. These energies are just particularizations of a basic state of matter called quantum field. This filed fills all the Universe. There is no such a thing as empty space in the Universe. Planets would not hold together around the sun if that was the case.

Most interesting, the quantum physicists were surprised to find out that the output of the experiments they ran were influenced by the observer ("observer effect"). Not subjectively as the in interpretation of the results or magnetic field interaction, but objectively as hard evidence that thoughts (what else does the observer create), bear energy that influenced the experiment. Translated in real life this means that our thoughts create reality indeed.

Are you still with me? Well, it was not simple to digest this for me either. OK, forget about the scientific mumbo jumbo. More down to earth, is easier to accept that once your mind is focused on a certain (desired) output, it segregates among choices and selects the favorable situations that will eventually help you to achieve your goals. This was easier to comprehend wasn't it?

Once accepted that your thoughts influence reality, than the most important thing becomes controlling your thoughts and focusing on the relevant thoughts for the reality you want to create.

Your mind is distracted all the time. Random thoughts, difficult to control and manage. A typical (untrained person) can not focus on a specific object (thought) more than few seconds at a time. And this precisely where meditation comes into the picture. It has a three fold benefit:

  1. Meditation helps increasing the focus and awareness. At the beginning of your meditation practice you become aware of what your mind does and bring it back to your focus. With practice (sorry, not in two weeks though) you will be able to concentrate longer and longer on a certain thought and this has the effect of a magnifying glass under sun: it creates energy (caloric in that case).
  2. Meditation creates the mind setup (a. k. a. the right mood) to take action and translates your thoughts in reality. Sorry to disappoint you but, the Universe will not bring it to you. This is the big deception in The Secret. You have to take action and go out there and get it. Well, meditation creates the motivation behind your actions.
  3. Meditation makes you more aware of your emotions (not emotionless though). So your decisions or choices are more objective. You sleep over it, if you wish in a short time frame.

There are some simple meditation techniques you can implement in your daily routine. Twenty minutes of meditation every day go a long way. Even more, there are alternative means that can create a similar mind state with meditation a lot faster than classical meditation. During this state if you focus on the object you want to be manifested in your life, the effect of meditation increases exponentially.

For details on how to use meditation to help manifest the reality you desire please check: Manifestation meditation


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