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Having Trouble Meditating? Try Contemplation, the Often Overlooked Alternative to Meditation

Wil Langford

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People sometimes ask me why they are having trouble calming themselves and meditating. “How do I stop my mind from going a million miles an hour or the incessant chatter in my mind when I try to meditate? How do I find that stillness and peace?"

It takes practice and comes more easily for some people than it does for others. While you are practicing meditation, however, there is another way to grow spiritually, sometimes by leaps and bounds. There is a proactive alternative to passive meditation.

There is no doubt that meditation is beneficial, but don't forget, it isn't the only form of spiritual communication with the Higher Self. Believe it or not, contemplation, an often over looked journey inward, is a good way to communicate with the inner world. Contemplation stills the mind in another way by focusing it on one subject. If you can't still your thoughts and reach a deep state of meditation, don't despair.

Just like giving a small child a task to keep it busy and out of mischief, giving the mind a subject to contemplate is a good way to reach a higher state of understanding.

According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, Contemplation is. . .

1 a: concentration on spiritual things as a form of private devotion b: a state of mystical awareness of God's being

2: an act of considering with attention : study

3: the act of regarding steadily

4: intention, expectation

What a wonderful description of a state of mind many of us would like to achieve, "a state of awareness of God's being. " Isn't that what many people try to achieve when they meditate? How do you reach that wonderful state of mind? The answer, beautifully put in a few words, is in the definition. . .

"An act of considering with intention: study. . . the act of regarding steadily. "

And finally. . .

"intention, expectation"

Therefore, to reach a higher state of awareness, an awareness of God's being, use contemplation by considering any aspect of life or divine being with attention and do so steadily with intention and expectation. What can you expect? How about joy, happiness, a greater understanding, and yes, even a stillness within and peace. Because once one has felt that realization of and awareness of God or a Higher Self, joy and peace soon follow.

Sit or lie down in as quiet and private a place as you can find and simply think about, contemplate, the wonder of nature, or any other aspect of life. Use your imagination and consider how it must feel to be in all things and to be all things. Each beautiful creation on earth is a direct result of the movement of consciousness, the same consciousness you are using to consider its creation.

Let your heart and senses fill, because we think the thoughts with our mind, but we feel the thoughts in our hearts. Our intention is within our mind, but the expectation is within our hearts.

Wil Langford, R. Hy. , is a 54 yr. old. Clinical Hypnotherapist, Integrated Energy Therapist, spiritual guide, author, and teacher. His many experiences with psychic phenomena, and mystical experiences led to a lifelong search for answers to the meaning of life. His experiences as a consciousness explorer looking deep into the human mind, tempered by his experiences as a father and therapist have helped to shape his view of the world and the meaning of life. His book, “Your Loved Ones, Your Self; Finding and Raising the Family Within" may change your life and you will never look at the world or the people in it the same way again.

If you are searching for meaning and the purpose of your life, this thought provoking book may have the answers you seek at


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