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What is Brainwave Entrainment ?


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If you have any interest in the products that helps you achieve a meditation state instantly, them you must have heard the name of “Brainwaves Entrainment. The brainwave entrainment is a revolutionary concept that has made the attainment of an instant deep meditation states a realty. In this article we shall try to understand the phenomenon of brainwave entrainment and how it helps us achieve a deep meditation state.

First of all, it is essential for us to know what exactly is ‘Entrainment’. Though this word is spelled quite similar to ‘Entertainment', it has nothing to do with entertaining anybody. Entrainment is actually a scientific phenomenon discovered by a Dutch scientist Christian Huygens in 1665. Scientifically speaking, Entrainment is defined as “a synchronization of two or more rhythmic cycles". To put it in other words, when two closely related rhythmic cycles interacts, they synchronize with each other resulting in the conservation of energy. This is known as Entrainment. It is natural phenomenon and conservation of energy is the driving force behind this. The synchronization of pendulum of two clocks placed in proximity with each other or the falling in sync of menstrual cycle of two women living closer are some example of natural entrainment. This concept of Entrainment has been extensively researched upon and it has been concluded that two vibrating bodies will entrain if exposed to each other for a long time.

The above mentioned conclusion of entrainment is one of the fundamental principal of its utilization in influencing our brainwaves. On the basis of their frequencies, the waves in our brain have been categorized into five broad categories- Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Theta and Delta. Alpha and Delta have been recognized as the frequencies of our brainwaves during the state of deep meditation. One of the most effective and quickest method of achieving a deep meditation state is to bring our brainwaves frequency to the level of alpha and then to Delta level of frequency. This is done by exposing our brainwaves to an external frequency of alpha and delta level. The external frequency is applied by producing specialized sounds known as Binaural Beats. When these external frequencies interact with the existing frequencies of our brainwaves, the entrainment takes place and our brainwave frequencies achieve an alpha (and then) Delta level of frequency thus producing the effect of deep meditation as a result.

This phenomenon of brainwave entrainment is the basic principal behind all products of Binaural beats that have been designed to produce various effects of deep meditation, self-hypnosis, deep relaxation, chakra stimulation and astral projection etc in the listener. Brainwave Entrainment have been one of the most useful tools for achieving a relaxed deep meditation state in the shortest time possible.

To know more about Brainwave Entrainment and to read a simple explanation of how it affects our brain in conjunction with Binaural Beats, visit the instant meditation section

Eklavya is a student of meditation and share his knowledge of meditation through his website If you want to learn meditation in plain simple English then have a look at Meditation Corner


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