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Swami Satchidanand

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"The force and degree of a man's inner benevolence evokes in others a proportionate degree of ill-will" - Gurdjieff

"Evil people always hate those at the opposite end of the moral spectrum" - Earl Spencer at the funeral of Lady Diana

"The Radiance of the Buddhafield irritates or depresses or upsets Negative Energy Blockages, and by these fruits, ye shall know them!" – Satchidanand

Masters show you the Energy Blockages of the ego. With the Meditational techniques of Kundalini and Blockage Busting, it should be an easy matter to remove the blockages.

Gurdjieff, whilst manifesting himself with this inner benevolence, his radiant Buddhafield, this inner radiation which is called love, the energy of change, he tried in every way to de-crystallize the already crystallized vanity and conceit in people; and this made enemies for him.

Orage, a great student of Gurdjieff, said, “If someone tells me a truth with the aim of helping me, a tonic truth, which shows me something about myself, my vanity and self love, my ego, is hurt. I resent it.

If he tells me something flattering, though it may be bad for me, I am his friend for life.

How many people regard public celebrities as, “Great People", celeBraties who in private are vain, conceited and touchy. The vast mass of people regard some world leaders as, “Great Men", those who in reality are immersed in vanity, self-pride, self-love and egoism to the point of madness. "

Gurdjieff speaks about his connection to the universe automatically present in all enlightened beings, causing energy to radiate automatically to everyone connected to him and in his presence. The light of the enLightened makes plain and reveals the energy blockages of the ego.

He talked about his consciously created aim of always without exception manifesting himself benevolently, radiantly, towards everyone for their good, while at the same time waging an unceasing struggle against the weaknesses inherent in their natures.

People forgot what Gurdjieff had done for them in removing their illnesses, their psychic blockages and in personal help, and remembered only their hurt vanity. Perhaps, if people knew that Gurdjieff was going to show them their touchy points directly then they would react in the correct way of thanking him for finding their energy blockages so that with advanced blockage busting techniques they could release them.

However, unless people know that they need to want to lose the ego, unless they really want to become good people, there is no point in going to see a Master. Gurdjieff would just blow these bad types of people off as quickly as possible so that he would not be wasting his time.

There is always a battle twixt good and bad in all. Most of the time people are distracted by their bad sides and give in to anger, jealousy and pay back… All the bad sides of the selfish competitive ego.

Gurdjieff was well known for his “Toasts to the Idiots!" where he asked new students, and older ones, what kind of an idiot they were. And when they had no reply, he told them. And this information could tell much of the inner blockages and psyche of the student and could help him much. The student's reaction also revealed his inner self.

For example, Frank Lloyd Wright, the famous American architect, was visiting Gurdjieff in Paris as his wife was one of Gurdjieff's pupils and had stayed with him for some time.

One of the students there that night knew Lloyd Wright and expected to hear some interesting questions and answers, but he said Wright behaved like a brilliant undergraduate, and it was clear that of real spirituality, he knew nothing.

He seemed to regard Gurdjieff as having achieved almost the same level as himself, even though knowing more about some things than he, Wright did. It is sometimes gratifying to discover that “great" men have their weaknesses, their vanity and self-love, the same as oneself; and, “I noticed that when Mr. Gurdjieff provoked Wright's prickly vanity, something malicious in me had a feeling of mild satisfaction".

During the toasting of the idiots, Wright said, “Mr. Gurdjieff, I've found some of these “Idiots" very interesting, I've invented some myself. "

Reading Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson to the assembled people, Wright said, “This is very interesting Mr. Gurdjieff. It's a pity it's not well written. You speak English very well. It's a pity you can't dictate. If I had the time you could dictate to me, and I could put it into good English for you. "

Gurdjieff had told him to read a section of Beelezebub which was telling Wright about his own internal weaknesses in the guise of talking about someone else, which is the normal technique of a Master. Wrights selfish, vain and competitive ego could not take it.

Then Wright said that he must stop reading because he was very tired, - which occurs when an ego blockage has been encountered, - his daughter was very tired and that he had better go back to the hotel. Gurdjieff said, “Better stop for her sake, she is still young and only begin, but you are old man and your life is finished!"

Wright got red in the face and said angrily, “My life is certainly not finished, there's plenty I can do yet. " or words to that effect. He got up and left with his family in what is called, “High Dudgeon!"

"Like every one of us in front of Gurdjieff, Wright's mask came off. Everyone, without exception, whilst eating and drinking with him, revealed his essential self. "

Gurdjieff says that our early education gives rise to the impulses of Vanity and Self-Conceit and he affirms that happiness in life and good relationships with all depend on an absence of the feeling of vanity and self conceit, touchiness, within ourselves. Touchiness is the symptom of a psychic energy blockage.

So, one of the tests of being with a master is not to react to these tests of vanity and the ego but to use the reaction to clear the blockage with advanced blockage busting techniques. Your ego reactions will show you where the ego blockages are. No reaction to the Masters probes can only be achieved when the ego is no more.

Thus touchy reactions are a tremendous help in the movement to Enlightenment, which only occurs when no energy blockages remain.

Such shocks, created by Gurdjieff, were introduced to show you your ego weaknesses.

But very few understand the real work of the Masters which is to help you remove the blockages of the ego. Everything they do is devoted to that aim. And very few selfish competitive egos can stay in the presence of true love. . .

For very deep and powerful Energy Blockages Gurdjieff said one must meditate with a Master of Meditation, within his Buddhafield. Let the Master do the work!

Or one must learn very powerful blockage busting techniques. Then, like Alexander the Great, you can learn how to cut the blockage Gordian Knot with your Manjushri sword of Discernment!

Usually, the necessary solution is a mixture of both being with a Master of Meditation, and learning advanced Blockage Busting techniques yourself.

Work on the self requires - Gaining More Energy . . Meditation, Shaktipat, Kundalini, Energy Circulation, The Kundalini Kriyas, The Five Elemental Paths Of The Chi Of Chinese Alchemical Taoism, The Grounding Of Negative Energies, V. I. T. R. I. O. L and The Art Card Of The Thoth Tarot, Access to more Kundalini Energy, Strong Psychic Protection, The Merkaba, Pyramid Protection, Power Tower Protection, Creating The Antahkarana, Soul Fusion, Monadic Infusion, Logos Infusion. The Painless Removal Of Stress, Trauma And Negative Emotion. And then the removal of the Energy Blockages of the Selfish, Vain Competitive Ego!

Satchidanand, Director of Energy Enhancement, is one of the leading teachers of Meditation. !

He helps people worldwide reach further than they EVER thought possible, FASTER!!!


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