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Meditation music can significantly enhance your meditation session. Gentle sounds and rhythms can help you to achieve a deeper state of calm, peacefulness and relaxation. It is well established that sound and rhythm can create mental and emotional environments. As early as the 1920s, researchers were making connections between music, enhanced mental alertness, concentration and imagination.

Music has the capability to directly affect our physical being. Many cultures ascribe to this tenet. For example, according to the principles of Indian music, human beings are composed of sound. The vibrations inherent in sound can either bring us into greater accord with the vibrations of the universe or completely disrupt our chakras (centers of being). Music for meditation can either inhibit or expand our consciousness, depending on the selection that we make.

All this talk of alignment, vibrations and chakras may seem daunting, but the principles behind choosing appropriate meditation music is really quite simple. Basically, if you are looking to create a specific atmosphere, the tempo of the music should match the mood that you are trying to bring about. For example, upbeat and catchy tunes are most appropriate for the workplace or in other situations where you need to stay awake and focused. For meditation music, a compilation of soothing tones and sounds will take you where you need to go. You really can’t go wrong with meditation music that is peaceful, relaxing and tranquil.

Music for meditation is as much about personal choice as anything else. Ask yourself, “When do I feel the most relaxed? When have I felt the most at peace in my life?" For example, if you have an affinity for the ocean, you might choose a meditation CD with the sound of waves crashing upon the shore. Or, if you like jazz, you might choose meditation music with gentle piano and saxophone rhythms. Remember, meditation is a personal journey and it is up to you to choose which tools you are going to take along.

There are many resources which offer meditation music. Music for meditation is now widely available online, in bookstores, in popular music shops and in health and wellness stores. Some meditation CDs are a collection of harmonies, while others offer spoken words and mantras to guide you along the way.

Other types of meditation music are specifically designed to release past hurts and emotions through a combination of music and guided imagery. Still others help you to deal with inner fears or severely traumatic experiences. Meditation CDs may be used alone or as part of a more formal music therapy program.

If you are new to meditation, you may have difficulty descending into the calm and tranquil state that is so necessary for maximum clarity and self-discovery. Here, music for meditation can be a great tool in creating a profound meditative experience.

As you gain experience, turning on your meditation CD may become an unnecessary step in your journey. However, many find that music makes their meditative experience that much more energizing and refreshing.

Jamie Lynn has dedicated herself to teaching others the Power of Meditation and other alternative health/healing tips and techiques for the mind, body and spirit!


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