The Road to All You Desire - 10 Minute Meditation


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Phil Jackson won nine NBA championships, meditating all the way to the top.

Madonna, the perennial pop-star, with hits spanning generations, meditated to stardom and riches.

Dr. Wayne Dyer – one of the most influential and grounded self-help healers of our time – meditated his way into many of our lives.

Meditation means quiet, tranquil time for visualizing our desired future, calming our racing mind, and finding peace in a demanding world. Those of us challenged by anxiety, daily stress, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), addictions (sex, drug, gambling, food, etc. ), will find a welcome peacefulness in daily meditation. Two (2) minutes a day is a great starting point for beginning our meditation program. That is how I started. Eventually I worked up to 11 minutes twice a day. My life completely changed for the better. More focus, less stress, more success in my work, and more joy in my personal life. That is what is waiting for you too – more joy.

Instead of not having enough time for meditating, I found that meditation brought more time into my busy life by giving me clarity for quick decision making, clearing out the clutter of unimportant obligations.

Here is one way for beginning your new life-long meditation practice: Things you will need - yoga mat or pillow, stopwatch or an alarm, a quiet space or ear plugs.

Your steps:

1. Find a quiet spot in your house or at work in your office, or create one with ear plugs. 2. Use a stopwatch or set an alarm for 2 minutes or more if you can. Start with less than 5 minutes the first time until you gain comfort with your meditation. 3. Create a comfortable place on the floor with either a yoga mat, perhaps folded over for more cushioning, or use a pillow. 4. Sit with either your ankles tucked under you, or in the cross-legged Buddha position. Place your hands on top of each other, palms up. 5. Once comfortable, start your timer or alarm for counting down the 2, 3, 4, or 5 minutes for your first meditation. 6. Close your eyes. 7. Breathe in through your nose and expand your belly instead of your lungs. This is called diaphragm breathing and is a more relaxing form of breathing than expanding your rib cage like most of us do naturally. Hold your breath for 10 seconds. 8. Say to yourself in your head “Relax" over and over as you slowly release your breath for 10 seconds. 9. Repeat this process of breathing in, holding, relaxing and releasing three times. 10. Now with your body and mind more relaxed, begin visualizing your perfect day, from the moment you awake until you go to bed. See it through your own eyes as though you are actually doing it. Whether you want to be helping children as doctor, or be a singer, a famous writer, an inventor – see it happening through your own eyes. Continue this until the alarm rings. Congratulations!! You have just started down the Road to a All You Desire. Perform your meditation daily. I find the morning and afternoon work best. Keep adding minutes to your meditation until you reach 10 minutes. Watch how your world soon becomes what you have imagined it could be.

I imagined that I wanted to sing in front of thousands of people. I had never sung in front of an audience before! After several weeks of meditating, I found myself in chorus. Then I learned that we had been selected to appear in an international competition. Finally, the chorus had selected me to sing on the front row!

Over 7,000 people were in the audience as we sang for them, with me in the front row.

Meditation works!!

Mark Solomon is the founder of , and . As a scientist with a life-long passion for understanding what motivates, challenges, and moves people into high or low mental states, he has published many of his findings on his sites in the form of free mental health assessments (depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, Self-esteem, etc. ), along with self-help action guides, and the latest mental health services news from around the world, updated daily.


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Magical Meditation Secrets - How To Prepare and Reach The Ideal Level of ..
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