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The Mind is always busy affecting us every day clouding our ability to make clear decisions, causing stress and disease in our body and thus preventing us from living life to its fullest and causing Expenses and Depression, we don’t know how to deal with. Studies have shown the huge effect the mind has on the body and our emotions and most people are caught up in there mind chasing shadows, talking about it and going to therapy classes rather than dealing with and fully understanding how the mind works and how with commonsense and a little bit of awareness we can learn to transcend the lower mind or the monkey mind and reprogram our subconscious mind to support our true nature and use it to bring Peace, Harmony and Abundance to our world and the world around us.

The Universal mind is already happy and balanced within itself

God has always intended and made us as infinite beings, to Enjoy unlimited abundance, happiness and ongoing personal evolution in the great progression of life, rather than the less ideal state of mind that you find yourself in today.

Try these 3 key exercises to help you calm the mind and then to reprogram your minds bio computer.

Exercise 1) Calm The Mind

Spend 10 minutes being aware of your breath in and out of your mouth and be here and now! allowing your thoughts to float past your mind. Be aware of your thoughts and the silent gaps between them. Stay present with your breath in and out of your mouth and move more and more into the Witness position as your thoughts slow down.

Exercise 2) Self Awareness

As YOU become more aware of your actual thought patterns write them down especially after calm the Mind exercise, write down all the negative thoughts, and memory patterns you are aware of. ie: fears, negative belief systems, any negative self talk such as:

I’m lazy, I’m poor or I always lose…etc

Exercise 3) Reprogram the SUBCONSCIOUS Mind!

The Subconscious Mind is Sublime, that is to say it will readily and unquestionably accept anything you submit to it without question, and will act upon your instructions especially If you have cleaned out old thought programs, thereby bringing You into complete vibrational and energetic harmony with your True desires, thus enabling them to manifest in your life. Now change your negative thought patterns you have written down and turn them into positive affirmations such as:

I am now Rich and Successful in everything I do.

I now forgive and accept myself and the love and power the Universe gives me.


I Now Trust and Live in the present moment learning to live life abundantly and joyfully.

Make the affirmation relevant and easy to say to yourself. Remember it and repeat it whenever you become aware of negative thought patterns which arise in your mind.

To keep your mind clean and live well these exercises Must become part of a daily part of life.

Richard Fewster is the owner of Conscious Miracles.com

An Alternative health online articles and directory. I am a practicing Healer and Reiki Master in Australia, I also distribute the MindPowerstudio Suite. I have been studying the Tibetan Bhuddist Methods of Meditation.


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