Hypnosis CDs - Are they as Good as a One-on-One Session?


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The honest answer is that they can be. A therapy session with a hypnotherapist will involve multiple aspects. A scoping session to define exactly what the issues are that need to be resolved, a history to understand how these issues have developed (and so define how they can be undone) as well as specific personal traits and resources which can be used by the patient.

All of these will allow the hypnotherapist to create a very specialised and unique programme fro the patient. The quality of the sessions with a therapist will depend upon the accuracy of the initial meeting, the knowledge of the therapist as well as their skill in implementing the plan they produce.

All of this means that the quality of a therapy session will vary dramatically.

With a Hypnosis CD or MP3 on the other hand the quality of them is consistent. The initial scoping is done by the patient and it works on the principle that the patient knows what is best for them. They then decide which programme to go with and make a purchase. This one time cost is usually the cost of 1 or 2 sessions with a qualified therapist. This means that the person can undergo treatment at their own convenience and at their own pace. Remember that a Hypnosis CD has to be created by a qualified hypnotherapist anyway in order to be effective so you are still getting the correct treatment.

Ultimately it is up to you, the patient, as to which is better for you. A Hypnosis CD will only help to reinforce the work you do with a therapist anyway so it is best to start there. Once you begin to see the benefits you can then make a decision based on the return you expect from a session, rather than guesswork.

Rachel Silvers is the creator of the Spirit Waves website. This site is dedicated to bringing the best in Hypnosis CDs and MP3s , hypnosis , healing and self development resources into one place. She has also begun to bring together the unique bodyshifting resources and techniques that will enable people to change their physical body to more suit their desires.


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