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Significance of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient in Nutraceutical Industry

Sarabjeet Patel

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Pharmaceutical industry has grown tremendously all across the globe. No matter which developed or developing country you talk about, formulation and manufacturing of the range of highly effective healthcare products are always a main focus of almost all pharmaceutical companies. The share of pharmaceutical companies towards the economy growth of their particular country has always been a remarkable outcome. Always keep in mind that effectiveness of any medicine, drugs and dietary supplements depends on the proportion of active pharmaceutical ingredients present in them.

The main purpose of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is to fulfill the needs of manufacturing the particular medicine or drug and to provide the desirable results on the body. Depending on the amount of the needed ingredients used by the pharmaceutical companies, reactions and results of these products differ. Most of the medicines contain more than one API. Apart from API, several other substances or components can be used to formulate specific medicine or drug in order to obtain the required medical effect. Several different types of substances are when mixed can also form one effective API. So, based on the required pharmaceutical needs, these APIs are used in the combination of variety of herbs and other ingredients.

The number of pharmaceutical companies, who manufactures and supplies the herbal products, medical products, active pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical impurities etc, generally use certified reference standards and certain calculation in order to use the right amount of API in producing the medicines or drugs. As we all know that thousands of brands are available in the market that ensures to provide the best possible pharmaceutical products to relieve and to cure various diseases. They can be simple or complex health issues. The method of formulation, testing and manufacturing the range of drugs for the specific disease is different from one brand to another.

As we have already learnt that many active pharmaceutical ingredients may contain the combination of various substances, so at the same time we cannot ignore the non pharmaceutical compounds. They are generally the impurities of the API which are also used in the medicines and drugs. Several US pharmaceutical companies also supply such compounds that help the manufacturers of medicines to produce quality and effective healthcare products. Such companies need to follow strict safety and quality standards in order to maintain the effectiveness of these ingredients. As per the current growth of nutraceutical industry, the demand of active pharmaceutical ingredients is also increasing worldwide.

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