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Medical Transcription Service


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The trend toward transcription outsourcing is driven by several factors. These include the rapidly increasing demand for qualified support staff capable of performing these tasks, the high cost of overhead and overtime associated with internal transcription. We offer all types of business transcription services delivering consistent, accurate business transcripts on time, in any format you need, and at an extremely competitive price.

We use latest, advanced encryption and security processes for the safe transfer of your audio files for transcription, and for the return of your completed transcripts.

Save your Time, Money and Resources. The benefits include:

• Measurable and Significant Cost Savings
• Dependable, On-Time Response
• Guaranteed Confidentiality
• Improved Accuracy
• Secure System

Our core competencies in transcription work cover the following areas:

Focus Groups, Board Meetings, Conferences, Interviews, Meetings, Media Events, Earning Calls, Talk Shows, Presentations, Lectures, Seminars, Training Sessions and more. . .

Can voice recognition ever replace transcriptionists?

Sure it can.

If a doctor is willing to sit down and take the sufficient time to train his voice recognition software to recognize his voice and speech patterns (this takes time and is not done automatically), yes it is possible.

If the doctor thereafter dictates very clearly, using proper punctuation in his speech (stopping for periods, pausing for commas) without any background noise or interruptions. Yes, it is possible.

Will the document be 100% accurate? No.

Remember medical records have to be in compliance with a number of very strict regulations. Most doctors, will not trust voice recognition enough to send these records through without at least a quick glance through.

Even under the best dictating circumstances the report will still need to be proofread and edited. So, yes under the “perfect” circumstances, voice recognition can replace a transcriptionist.

Is it likely? Not unless every physician out there is willing to take the time, energy and ongoing effort to train their voice recognition software and maintain a certain standard of dictation.

I don’t see that happening any time soon. Doctors are busy people, remember? ;)

If anything, us MTs should embrace voice recognition and use it as a tool to help us in our MT careers. If applied properly, it can be a time-saving tool. So why not use it for our purposes?

As with any business to stay ahead of the game you have to adapt to change and technology. Learn how to use it to your advantage instead of being frightened by it. That’s the only way to stay ahead of the competition…. Voice recognition or otherwise.



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