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Why Seniors are looking for Low Cost Prescription Medicine


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Are you a senior citizen? Do you have parent or grandparent who is worried about the high cost of prescription medicine? With the state the economy is in more and more seniors are concerned about prescription medicine prices. And with lay offs I have now heard of couples in their thirties and forties who are anxious about prescription drug prices. People are looking for ways to save and get their prescription drugs at discounts. Recently I went to a park with my dog and talked to a few people about this situation. One older man said he served in the Korean War. He complained that at his age he should not have to worry about putting groceries back from his cart because he needs to make sure he can afford his prescription medication. Another woman stated she had lost money in the stock market. She joked that her dog would have to start sharing his food with her if the economy did not pick up. She said her parents ordered prescription medicine from Canada where it was cheaper. She stated what does our government expect people to do if they have to worry about the basic necessities of life AND United States prescription drug prices?

Later I thought about the nice older gentleman who served in Korean War and his concerns. I do not think those people who have more than enough money in their bank can judge those who are barely making it about buying prescription medicine from Canada.

Talk to your doctor about any prescription medicine discounts or programs he or she knows about. And if you do decide to buy prescription medication from Canada or over seas please do make sure the online pharmacy makes you provide a valid prescription from your doctor in the United States and that the online pharmacy is licensed and in good standing. In other words check them out! If in doubt do not buy!

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