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Do Antibiotics Cure Sinusitis?


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Different kinds of arguments can be heard on whether antibiotics can cure sinusitis or not. But do not join those who easily conclude, whether they are for or against antibiotics for sinusitis. Learn for yourself by getting to know the various factors involved in reaching a decision.

Similar to a PROS and CONS list, some helpful information are categorized below under YES or NO to guide you on when antibiotics do cure sinusitis, and when you are supposed to turn to other options for curing your sinusitis.


Only for a Particular Type of Sinusitis:

Antibiotics are used for treating bacterial infections, as well as some type of fungal and parasitical infections. So if your sinusitis is caused by these mentioned infectious organisms, you can go ahead and ask your doctor if you can take antibiotics. The sinus infection is cured by antibiotics by killing bacteria and preventing them from reproducing.

With Proper Use:

You cannot just buy antibiotics because you decided that you need it. These need to be prescribed by a doctor because antibiotics need to be taken with great care. When you are given a prescription for these, understand carefully what the instructions are for taking the medication. The dosage and treatment schedule needs to be followed as directed in order to get the full advantage of taking antibiotics. Feeling better from your sinusitis is not an indication that you should stop medication. You need to continue taking antibiotics until you finish your prescription. This is done to ensure that the infection is completely eliminated. On the other hand, do not overdo your antibiotics. This will ruin your system by supplying it with unnecessary medicine, which can lead to your system gradually becoming immune to antibiotics.

In These Forms:

Oral antibiotics are taken through the mouth, where they travel into the stomach, to the bloodstream, then to the infection.

Inhaled antibiotics are topically applied to the infection by getting into the sinus cavities through the nose or mouth. This form of medication travels faster than oral antibiotics, and it can also be mixed with medication that can at the same time repair tissue damage in the sinus areas.

Intravenous antibiotics are less commonly prescribed because this type of treatment method is not that easy to apply. This is advisable for more severe types of sinusitis symptoms which need immediate relief. Intravenous antibiotics are instantly effective because the medication is injected straight into the bloodstream and circulates your system right away.


For Individuals with Antibiotic Allergies:

Individuals may react differently with the corresponding medications that they take. For those who experience allergic reactions to antibiotics, common sense should tell you that even if antibiotics may cure your sinusitis, the effect of your allergies may just worsen your overall condition. Better resort to other types of cures for your sinusitis.

If Infectious Bacteria are Known to be Resistant:

If you get to the point where you can identify which particular type of bacteria is infecting your sinuses, then you should carry on to the next step of finding out which particular type of antibiotics you should use for your infection. Do not take just any of the popular antibiotics that are readily available, or offhandedly prescribed by your doctor. If you are taking antibiotics for resistant bacteria, then you won't see any improvement with your condition.

When Experiencing Other Specific Conditions:

If you want to take antibiotics for your sinusitis, but you are experiencing other conditions or illnesses while dealing with sinusitis, talk to your doctor about everything that you are presently feeling. Complications may arise if you have problems with your kidneys, liver or bone marrow.

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