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Advantages of Surgeries Performed by Hi-Tech Robots

U. Akinci

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One advantage of robot-performed surgery with high-energy radiation is that they can remove tumors contained in a given area or close to critical body parts like the spinal cord with high precision and reduce the side effects (like fatigue) for the patients. But other types of cancers still require traditional surgery or a combination of both.

Cookeville (Ohio), Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Oak Ridge and Franklin (Tennessee) are some of the U. S. cities that employ robots in surgical operations.

Cookeville Regional Medical Center became the eleventh hospital in Ohio to buy a “Da Vinci" brand robot. The $1.5 million robot is especially favored by urologists in prostate surgeries. CRMC officials confirm that the robot helps “shorter hospital stays, quicker return to work time and fewer complications. ”

In Texas, a heart bypass surgery was accomplished under two hours thanks to Da Vinci. According to Dr. Lewis Wilson, a cardiothoracic surgeon at CRMC, the bypass patients of the Texas surgeon are “back at work in two weeks. ”

The below comparison of Da Vinci assisted Gynecologic Surgery with traditional Open Abdominal Surgery, as provided by Women’s Specialty Health Centers of Indianapolis, shows the typical advantages of operations performed by robots (with the exception of actual surgery time):

Incisions: Five 1-inch incisions versus one 8-to-10 inch incision.

Surgery time: 2-3 hours versus 1-to-2 hours.

Hospital stay: 1-2 days versus 3-5 days.

Recovery time: 1-2 weeks versus 4-to-6 weeks.

Pain medication: Motrin/Darvocet versus Vicodin/Percocet.

With the spreading popularity of such robotic systems, training of our nurses should also be expected to undergo respective changes, with new opportunities for career training and development.


U. Akinci is the Editor of the monthly “Nurse Recruiter Newsletter” published by , the nation's premiere travel nurse staffing agency.



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