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What Medications Are Available for Treating Sinusitis?

Heather Colman

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Sinusitis occurs when any number of the sinus linings become inflamed. Typically this results in a patient that has suffered from allergies or a cold for more than a two week period. There are several symptoms of sinusitis but the most common include tooth pain, nasal congestion, headache, facial congestion, postnasal drip, or facial pain.

People can suffer from sinusitis because of the common cold, viral infections, bacterial infections, air pressure, temperature changes, misuse, or overuse of nasal decongestants, swimming, diving, smoking, or even consumption of alcohol.

To treat sinusitis, or many other types of bacterial ailments, your physician may prescribe Levaquin. Levaquin works to kill the different bacteria that infect the sinuses. However, if a virus is affecting the sinuses, Levquin will not work. It, like all other antibiotics on the market, cannot work to eliminate viruses.

Leviquin comes in two different medication forms, tablets and oral solutions. Each has strengths from 250 mg to 750 mg. Furthermore, it is a one daily treatment that should be regulated at the same time daily. Antibiotics work best when kept at a constant level throughout the body. Therefore, when taking Levaquin, you should do so at the same time every day and keep plenty of fluids in your body at all times.

So if you take your medication at 8:00 am one day, the very next day you should take it at 8:00 am as well, and keep doing so until the medication course is completed.

Any person, who is allergic to quinolones, should avoid taking Levaquin. There have been instances of allergic reactions in some people taking quinolones, which includes Levaquin, that have been extremely serious and sometimes fatal. It is not recommended that you take levaquin while you are nursing or pregnant, as studies have not shown the effects on an unborn child. Furthermore, Levaquin is only for adult and not for use by children.

As with any medication, Levaquin has possible side effects from mild to serious. Some of the mild and most common side effects of the drug include nausea, itching, diarrhea, dizziness, abdominal pain, vaginitis, rash, and flatulence.

Some more serious side effects include peripheral neuropathy which has side effects that include pain, tingling, burning, weakness, and numbness. Any person experiencing these side affects should crease taking Levaquin immediate and call their physician right away.

Further serious side effects could include tendon ruptures within the Achilles, hand, or shoulder tendons. These have side effects that includes swelling and pain. If you experience these side effects, you should report them to your physician immediately.

For those with diabetes, if you should experience low blood sugar, shakiness, sweating, or lightheadedness you should contact your physician immediately and cease taking Levaquin.

Other serious side effects of Levaquin could include sunburns, sun blisters, convulsions, and tremors. If you experience anxiety, restlessness, confusion, lightheadedness, paranoia, hallucinations, nightmares, depression, suicidal thoughts, insomnia, or suicidal acts, you should consult with your physician.

Disclaimer - The information presented here should not be interpreted as or substituted for medical advice. Please talk to a qualified professional for more information about Levaquin.

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