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Fighting Hypertension The Natural Way


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Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is one of the most common ailments in today's world. In hypertension, the blood pressure of a person becomes chronically elevated, a condition which may be responsible for causing strokes, heart attacks, heart failure and chronic renal failure. Even a mild case of hypertension can have a lasting effect on your health, causing you to end up with persistent dizziness, headaches and an overall poor quality of life.

Some of the most common causes behind hypertension are salt sensitivity, insulin resistance, renin homeostasis etc. Age and genetic traits also play a vital role inducing hypertension in a person, and so does lifestyle related factors. Sleeplessness, obesity, alcohol consumption and high stress levels also contribute to increase the blood pressure levels of a person.

People suffering from hypertension are usually suggested a lifetime of medication by their doctors. In addition, they are suggested a number of modifications in their lifestyle, which include diet controls, regular exercise and avoidance of stress. However, there are a number of natural remedies that help in keeping hypertension at bay. Listed here are a few of them.

Co-Enzyme 10

Co-Enzyme10 (CoQ10) is an essential enzyme that is necessary for the production of cellular energy. Our bodies need a sufficient supply of CoQ10 in order to transfer energy and oxygen between blood and other body cells. The heart, which one of the most metabolically active organs in our body, requires a lot of CoQ10 for proper functioning. Sub-optimal levels of CoQ10 can affect the proper functioning of the heart, which may further lead to increased blood pressure. Rice bran, wheat germ, beans, nuts, wild fish, organic eggs and grass-fed meat are good sources of CoQ10. Daily supplementation of these items in diet for a period of 4-8 weeks can reduce blood pressure by 10% without the use of any other substance.


The medicinal properties of garlic have been known to mankind ever since the beginning of civilisation. In fact, garlic has been used medicinally as an antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory agent for over 5000 years. Recent researches have proved that daily garlic supplements equal to 4,000 milligrams can play a significant role in lowering hypertension. Garlic possesses properties similar to aspirin and can thin the blood thereby reducing blood presssure. However, garlic supplements should always be taken under the supervision of a medical practitioner as it may interact with regular drugs such as Coumadin (warfarin) or Trental (pentoxifylline), aspirin, vitamin E, gingko.

Fish oil
Preliminary studies suggest that the use fish oil may have a modest effect on lowering high blood pressure. Although fish oil supplements often contain both DHA (docohexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), there is some evidence that DHA is the ingredient that lowers high blood pressure. Several clinical studies have suggested that fish oil supplements may cause mild, dose-dependent reductions in systolic or diastolic blood pressure in untreated hypertensive patients; little effect is noted to occur in normotensive patients. It apparently takes relatively high doses (i. e. , > 3 g/day) of fish oil to produce any blood pressure lowering effect, and certainly standard medications for hypertension are more effective.


Hawthorne is one of the safest and most effective herbal remedies available in the market for combating hypertension. The use of hawthorne berries for treating cardiovascular disease is popular in many different cultures. Studies have proved that hawthorne berries help to protect arterial walls, lower blood pressure by dilating blood vessels, and improve the heart's pumping ability. However, for best results, hawthorne berries need to be used regularly.

Folic Acid

Folic acid, or folate, is a type of Vitamin B that helps in the production of red blood cells in our body. Being water-soluble, folic acid cannot be stored in our body and needs to be regularly supplemented through our diet. Rich sources of folic acid are beans and legumes, citrus fruits, wheat bran and other whole grains, dark green leafy vegetables, poultry, pork, shellfish and liver. Optimum intake of folic acid can help to reduce elevated homocysteine levels in a person, thereby lowering high blood pressure.

Besides the above mentioned natural remedies, one may also try out exercising, meditation, yoga or accupunture in order to keep hypertension in check. Get your blood pressure levels checked regularly, and always consult a doctor in case of emergencies. A moderated lifestyle can work wonders in keeping hypertension at bay. Eat healthy, stay fit and get yourself a life free from hypertension.

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