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High Blood Pressure Headaches What You Should Do to Ease the Pressure


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High blood pressure or hypertension is very popular amongst Americans, yet it often goes undetected. When the disease is not under control in a timely manner, it has great potential to cause further complications.

Subsequently, the cardiovascular disease does not cause symptoms, therefore making it difficult to detect. During the last stages of hypertension, however, there are several symptoms that may occur. One of the symptoms that you may experience and is widely associated with the disease is the high blood pressure headaches.

Experiencing excruciating headaches is vastly attributed to high blood pressure. It often serves as a warning sign of this serious cardiovascular disorder. Generally, people with high blood pressure suffer with migraine or tension headaches.

The more elevated that your blood pressure climbs, the pain from the headache increases. Physicians often prescribe drugs such as calcium channel blockers and beta-blockers as they both are effective for treating the blood pressure and the actual headache. They are particular used to narrow your blood vessels.

Again, hypertension induces serious pressure problems in the head causing migraine or tension headaches. Extreme pressure placed on the blood vessels stops normal flow of blood from the head which results in localized high blood pressure and headaches.

You may also suffer with facial pain, eye pain and nosebleeds during the process. It may also lead to a feeling of nausea or faint. As there is no specific cure for hypertension headaches, there is several treatment suggestions that medical experts offer to minimize or limit the pain of the migraine.

During the mild stages of headaches, over-the-counter medications such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen or aspirin may be effective. However, over usage of these drugs tend to cause rebound headaches. Ideally, if your blood pressure continues to elevate, the headaches will worsen, therefore you must consider certain prescribed medications.

When symptoms of the painful high blood pressure headaches begin, it is recommended that you rest in a quiet and darkened room. Additionally, you are encouraged to drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration. Placing a cool cloth on your head has proven quite effective.

Repeated blood pressure measurements are important in that it provides the necessary information to your physician. Severe blood pressure measurements can cause high blood pressure headaches; solely related to cardiovascular conditions. The migraine and tension headaches are the most common amongst cardiac symptoms. If the symptoms persist, it is strongly recommended that you contact your primary physician immediately.

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The Causes of High Blood Pressure
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