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A Walk-In Clinic Can Help You Take Care of an Aging Adult or Elderly Prone To Fall

Lora Davis

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Statistics show that about 150,000 aging and aged adults experience falls at least once in a year. This makes falls the most frequent accident requiring urgent medical care in Bixby Knolls. The people who are most affected by calls are 80 plus-year-old adults. Fortunately, in one-third of all the cases, the falls remain benign, even if they always leave psychological traces: anxiety linked to a possible loss of autonomy, fear of falling again and others. Most patients go to an emergency physician for these repercussions after a fall.

When a fall occurs, what should you adopt? How do you help the patient get back up? Is it necessary to always consult a doctor? How to get up? Should you always consult your doctor? It’s important that you have an answer to these questions as they determine how you will react to the fall.

How To React Immediately After A Fall

The most important thing after a fall, like with all accidents, is to remain calm. Analyze the cause of the call before attempting to get up. Getting up in the wrong way can worsen your situation and make it impossible for you to be cared for through an urgent medical care in Bixby Knolls. If it was the slippery shoes remove them first, if it was an object that blocked your way move it and so on.

Next, assess the ability of the patient to stand up. How does he or she feel? Is he or she able to get up from the floor? Is the patient feeling dizzy? Most importantly check the state of the body? Is there any visible broken bones or swelling? These are conditions that you must look after before making a call to the emergency physician.

How to Assist An Aged Patient After A Fall

If your aged loved one is able to stand upright, and you have eliminated the cause of fall, try the following technique: - Help them lie on the back and swing to one side using the opposite arm so that they can gain momentum.
- Next, fold their leg from above and tip it over their belly.
- Gently lift their leg up, resting it on the elbows. Lift the folded knee and then the hands so that they get on all four.
- Ask the fallen person to walk on all fours until they reach a table or chair until they get enough support to stand up.
- Sit on the chair or armchair to catch your spirits.

If the aging or aged person is alone, it's important to train them on this technique.

How Soon Should You Consult A Doctor After A Fall?

You should seek urgent medical care in Bixby Knolls after a fall whether there is a serious wound involved or not. There are cases that call for an immediate visit to the ER. These include:
- The senior has persistent bleeding and you are getting weak.
- The seniors head is stuck on a piece of wood
- The senior has visible cuts and severe wounds

A fall can instill in a veteran doubt or anxiety about their future autonomy. It's important to consult an emergency physician in Long Beach who can talk to him or her about it. The physician can recommend a good psychologist if necessary especially if they develop anxiety or depression. In the elderly, any fall, even benign, is a psychological trauma that evokes depravity and death. It must be handled as such to avoid any psychological developments.

How to Prevent Future Falls For Seniors

A first fall is an additional risk factor for possible future falls. Take advantage of this alert to take stock of the veterans’ risks of fall. Reorganize the environment to prevent future falls even for falls with an anecdotal cause like a loose carpet.


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