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Things You Should Know About Olive Oil

Luessi Dino

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The use of olive oil throughout history is proof that it is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial oils present. The innumerable health benefits that are attached to olive oil have given it a special place and it has been deep rooted in various civilizations. Olive oil might appear like any other oil but it is in fact one of the most beneficial oils used today. To understand why exactly it has been a favorite since times immemorial, let's delve deep into the details.

History and origin

Olive oil trees date back to farther than 6,000 years and were cultivated around 3500 BC for the first time. The first ones to use olive oil extensively were the Mediterranean’s. They not only used it for cooking purposes but also used it as a beauty product. They were amongst the first ones to discover the advantages it has for hair, skin, nails etc.

Health benefits

Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fats which are healthy for the body. Following is a list of some of them:

1) Low fat diet: An oil that lets you enjoy all your snacks without worrying about oil consumption is the perfect description for olive oil. It does not seep into the food and just sticks to the surface keeping the food fresh and non oily while cooking it completely from inside and making it crispier on the surface.

2) Blood pressure: Keeping your blood pressure in control is an important aspect for good health. Eating habits directly impact the blood pressure and including olive oil in your diet helps you keep a check on it.

3) Prevents visible signs of ageing: High antioxidant content in olive oil hides any ageing signs making you look younger.

4) Good for heart: The numbers of heart patients are increasing every day. Using olive oil helps reduce cholesterol levels, therefore preventing heart problems, strokes etc. and giving you a healthy life.

5) Say no to obesity: An oil without harmful fats, olive oil helps you reduce your weight by improving your body's metabolism.

Types of olive oils

Extra Virgin: Highest grade olive oil with the purest aroma and flavor, this is the result of the first cold pressing of olives. Compared to other varieties of olive oil, this is more viscous and therefore, ideal for dressing. You can have a low fat breakfast by dressing your salads, pasta, rice, vegetables etc. and give your day a healthy start.

Olive oil extra light: Naturally refined oil infused with extra virgin olive oil, olive oil extra light comes with mild aroma & flavor and is ideal for day to day Indian cooking. Use it to stir fry, shallow fry and saute and make paranthas, dry vegetables, gravies etc.

Pomace olive oil: The best grade olive oil for cooking purposes. This is a blend of extra virgin olive oil and the extract of residue left after the pressing of olives with solvents. The mixing is done to enhance the flavor and the health benefits of the oil. All these things combined together make it the best available oil for cooking purposes. Also, unlike the myths that olive oil is not suitable for Indian cuisine, this is perfect for getting all the Indian flavors right. Low fat cooking oil which is good for health and enhances the taste is all you need in your kitchen.


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