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Leverage the Goodness of Liquid Gold

Luessi Dino

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Miraculous and therapeutic are the right words associated with olive oil. Since time immemorial, it has been utilized for innumerable purposes including cooking, health treatments, skin and hair remedies etc. This olive fruit extract has been a traditional crop to be used throughout history in civilizations like the Mediterranean.

Olive oil is amongst the healthiest fats known to man and includes vitamins along with good fatty acids. Research and the usage of this wonder product over the years have yielded tones of goodness. Following are the olive oil benefits:

1) Helps bring down high blood pressure: - People taking high doses of blood pressure medicine can take a sigh of relief with the incorporation of olive oil in their diet. The oleic acid present in the olive oil is absorbed in the body and this is what reduces the blood pressure levels. It also reduces the ageing process of the heart because of the monounsaturated fats present in it.

2) Relieves constipation: - A major problem with people in metro cities because of their unhealthy lifestyle, constipation leaves people irritable all throughout the day. Olive oil works as a lubricant and helps relieve people from this condition. It aids the stool in passing along with fortifying the digestive system. Problems like gastritis and peptic ulcers are also less likely to happen with regular consumption of olive oil.

3) Boost iron content: - Olive oil is known to be a good supplier of iron which is further responsible for the formation of hemoglobin which carries oxygen through the blood stream. Iron also helps boosts immunity.

4) Aids in weight loss: - One of the biggest olive oil benefits is that it is a fat that helps reduce weight. Being rich in good fat content, it does not add up to the weight but helps you keep it in check. It keeps you full for a longer period of time and thus decreases food cravings.

5) Fights diabetes: - Health benefits of olive oil are not just limited to heart and blood pressure patients but also help people combat diabetes. One of the most common conditions leading to further complications, diabetes hampers the blood sugar levels. High MUFA content in olive oil helps people maintain proper insulin levels thereby preventing any further problems. It also prevents people from developing type 2 diabetes.

6) Say goodbye to stretch marks: - A hot olive oil massage two times a week on the areas with stretch marks is enough to help you get rid of them. Olive oil enhances the elasticity of the skin thereby regenerating skin cells.

7) Eliminates the risk of osteoporosis: - Being one of the most prominent ailments in older women, it is necessary that healthy habits be included in the diet to prevent it from happening. Olive oil helps the body absorb calcium which aids in proper bone development, thus preventing the bones from going brittle. Also, it is good if you inculcate the habit of using olive oil in children so as to prevent any problems from happening in the future.


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