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How Olive Oil Helps Adopt Healthier Body

Luessi Dino

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Olive oil is rich in monosaturated fatty acids which are considered quite healthy for the heart. Apart from being heart-friendly, it is considered good for digestion, skin tone etc too. Though a bit costly, this is the best cooking medium that ensures scrumptious, health-filled meal on the table.

Using the correct cooking medium is a guarantee to taste-rich food.

Oil is considered the ageless tastemaker, but its ill-effects on the health cannot be ignored. The great news is there are ‘healthy oils’ available to our rescue – olive oil being one of them. It promotes health and also helps make food tastier.

So, here is an overview of a number of health benefits of olive oil that have made it the king of cooking media popular in the present times.

  1. Makes bones stronger and helps avoid osteoporosis: Bones deter in health as we age. These become weaker and demand good dose of healthier food. Using olive oil for cooking benefits the bones and evades the possibility of the fatal breakage of bones due to osteoporosis. Scientists are of view that olive oil has the potential of becoming a part of treatment procedure for curing this disease.
  2. Olive oil helps fight depression: Mental and emotional health is associated with healthy brain and heart.

    Since the olive oil is rich in monosaturated fatty acids, it promotes healthy heart. It, therefore, can also contribute to keeping the mindset positive and pushing the depressing thoughts away.

  3. Antioxidants present in olive oil prevent skin cancer: People who are exposed to sunlight for longer duration are prone to skin cancer.

    The users who use olive oil in cooking are reported to be the most immune to melanoma than others. Antioxidants present in this cooking medium fight UVA and UVB rays of the sun effectively. So, apart from using olive oil as sunscreens, one should increase its consumption in daily diet too.

  4. Olive oil fights cognitive degeneration associated with old age: Alzheimer’s disease is prevalent in older people. It can be considered as the extreme stage of cognitive degeneration that comes with ageing. Olive oil is rich in polyphenols that reverse the oxidative destruction and help the user have better brain health during old age.

  5. Olive oil prevents stroke: One of the most important olive oil benefits include prevention from stroke. Selective study carried out in one of the US universities show that the people consuming olive oil reported better brain health than others. These people, irrespective of physical features and lifestyle, had little risk of stroke because of the olive oil they used in cooking and dressings.
  6. Type II diabetes is also prevented by encouraging the olive oil use: Olive oil is rich in good fats, commonly known as monosaturated acids. These acids are responsible for better health of the heart and overall body as these prevent the onset of many of the chronic diseases like diabetes, etc.

Need more reasons to switch to olive oil today? Health should come before taste, but this rich source of mono-saturated fatty acid gives you both the advantages in single serving provided you shop wisely while buying it. So, if you have made up your mind to add health to the food, change the cooking medium to this healthier alternative.

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