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Can Chiropractic Care Be Used For Pain Management?


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The theory behind Chiropractic Care is proper alignment of the body’s skeletal structure; mainly the nervous system and the spine to improve the over-all quality of health. Chiropractors can treat fractures and injuries without surgery or medical procedures. Chiropractic Care includes improved Slipped Disk Treatment, Back Pain Treatment, Neck Pain and Joint Pain Treatment.

Most of the people think about chiropractic therapy as treatment for pain management. It is true that the therapy is effective in restoring mobility of joints and acting as a pain reliever for bones, muscles, connective tissues, ligaments, tendons and cartilages.

Today leading a normal life in the stressful environment is a challenging task. Everywhere pain and numerous body ailments are playing a major role in preventing life from moving forward. In such situations, Chiropractic Care is effective in bringing harmony in life. By adopting a natural health care approach, this conventional medical treatment maintains the balance of the body and restores vitality in it. Areas in which the therapy is most effective includes:-

1. Back pain relief- For back pain treatment a chiropractor identifies the spot to be treated. Then adjust the spine with his hands by touching on certain pressure points. This unblocks the nerve energy. Thus, nerve energy starts flowing through the spinal system in a constant and rhythmic manner. The practitioner does this process for multiple times to realign the spine and make good energy flow through it without any obstruction.

2. Neck pain relief- For neck pain the chiropractor checks the spots in the neck which cause trouble. Then he does the necessary treatment to keep neck pain at a bay.

3. Leg pain- When muscles in the legs lose alignment or get jammed, the chiropractor keeps his hands on the pressure points of the musculoskeletal system to relive pain. If it is dislocated, then a particular portion with pressure points is touched to bring the nerve or tissue back to original position.

4. Ankle and knee pain- Chiropractic care addresses issues related to the ankle and knee pain also. Knee and ankle pain can be due to problems in muscles, joints, ligaments or tendons. A chiropractor can identify the cause easily and provide effective treatment.

5. Migraine and Tension Headaches – For constant headaches and migraine there is effective treatment. Many people don’t know this and suffer pain related to migraines and headache. Chiropractors in Mumbai can provide effective treatments for this.

6. Arthritis- Though there are medical branches that provide medication for arthritis, chiropractic care is done without any medicines.

7. High blood pressure – For high BP chiropractic care is helpful. If you can reduce BP without taking any medicines, then it is, surely, the best way. Once you start the medicine for BP you have to continue it for stabilizing the level. But in chiropractice, you don’t have to take any medicines. Effective health care for a particular period is enough to maintain BP at normal levels. Chiropractors are effective in treating a number of ailments, including pain management.


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