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Why Baby Thermometer is Important and The Use of different Types of The Thermometer


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One of the important Baby care accessories is the thermometer. Every household that have babies or children must have at least one. Infants are easy to get sick; therefore parents need to have a baby thermometer in order to monitor their child’s condition.

There are many things to consider when purchasing a thermometer. You will want one that is easy to use and fool proof. Many times you may be wakened in the middle of the night and you may be half asleep, so fumbling with anything complicated might not be convenient for you. Sometimes buying a thermometer with removable disposable tips can be trying at times. If you run out and are having trouble finding them in the store to refill, your thermometer will not work without them, and because fevers often happen with no warning, it might be a better idea to have one that is error proof and easier to use in all environments. You will also want to consider a travel size thermometer, so that you can take it on the go and have room to put it in diaper bags and purses if need be.

There are also many different kinds of thermometers to get for kids. Some are fairly high tech, while others are more old fashion and simple. While electronic thermometers will give you digital and accurate results, they require a battery to operate. And simple old fashion non-digital thermometers may not be battery operated, they do take longer to read and it can be harder to see the results.

The common types of thermometer are oral, armpit and rectal thermometers. Below is the general instruction of use to use each of these thermometers effectively. The model is Vicks thermometer.

  • Oral Use:
  • _Use a disposable probe cover
  • _Place tip of thermometer well under tongue for accurate reading.
  • _Read thermometer when 10 beep signals sound and “F” sign stops flashing.
  • _Turn thermometer off, discard probe cover, and wash thermometer.

  • Under-the-Arm (Axillary) Use:
  • _Wipe underarm with towel.
  • _Place probe tip under arm so tip is touching skin.
  • _Position arm next to body.
  • _For child temperature, hug child to keep arms next to body.
  • _Read thermometer when 10 beep signals sound and “F” sign stops flashing.
  • _Turn thermometer off, and wash thermometer.
  • Rectal Use:
  • _Cover thermometer’s tip with probe cover (provided) and lubricate tip with water-soluble jelly. Do not use petroleum jelly.
  • _If an adult or child, lay person on his or her side. If an infant, lay baby on stomach with legs hanging down, either _across knee or changing table.
  • _Insert tip of thermometer no more than 1/2 inch inside rectum.
  • _Read thermometer when 10 beep signals sound and “F” sign stops flashing.
  • _Turn thermometer off, discard probe cover, and wash thermometer.
  • _This method produces a temperature 1° higher than temperature taken orally.

Some basic safety concerns that you should need to know. First, if the infants’ prolonged fever requires medical attention, you need to contact your physician. Second, do not allow children to take their own temperatures unattended. And finally do not allow children to walk or run during temperature taking.

Vicks Thermometer offer unbiased information about different types of thermometer and help users choosing the right thermometer base on their need. Please visit this website at where you learn about the use of baby thermometer , rectal thermometer, forehead thermometer, and more…


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