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5 Head Lice Tips You Should Know


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Head lice are nasty parasites which carry no disease but can be very annoying to your child’s head. They don’t have wings so they can’t fly and they are structured so they can’t jump like a flea and they don’t walk very well either. But when two children, one of which has lice move their heads together that adult louse can move very quickly from one head to another which is why the entire classroom tends to get infested almost all at once. Short of making your children stop touching heads together or borrowing a hat or scarf or other personal article of clothing or using some else’s hair accessories, you might have to kill that head louse at some time.

1) No Effective Prevention

The head lice are more a nuisance than they are a health issue because they carry no diseases like body lice do. There is no way even if you keep your children shiny clean and scrubbed because these blood sucking insects move by crawling generally from head to close head.

2) Using Shampoos

Shampoos are formulated to kill off the lice population but you must follow the directions exactly and you need to use them for approximately two weeks which is what it takes to kill them off, both adults and the nits. With an estimated 6-12 million new cases a year according to the FDA, there are many different over-the-counter and prescription drugs that can be effective but do read the directions carefully as many aren’t recommended for children under 2.

3) Using Natural Or Home Remedies

There are some home remedies that people concoct to use on their children to kill off head lice. Some people combine tea tree oil with olive oil and mix. Some people add eucalyptus oil to the mix and some add coconut oil or some combination of them. White vinegar is believed to work as is some types of mouthwash. Tyr one of them it just might work for your child.

4) Using A Lice Comb

This is a fine toothed comb designed to catch the head lice between the fine teeth. It is most effective after using some form of formulated shampoo that will kill of that louse. You wet the hair first then comb over the entire head from scalp to hair ends to catch the lice.

5) Using Over The Counter Products

Many people consider using one of the four FDA approved head lice products as the last thing they do to get rid of the lice. Three approved FDA products are 1) lindane in a cream or lotion shampoo and 2) melathion for recommended only for children age 6 and up. It is flammable so take care if you use a product with this in it. 3) Newly approved Natroba for children over the age of 4. Take care when you use any shampoos or lotions and make sure you do it over a sink not in a full bath or shower as that allows them to spread.

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An Infestation Of Head Lice
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