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How To Cure A Cold Cheaply

Vick Condecion

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Unfortunately there is no known cure for the common cold. Most of the colds tend to disappear in 4-7 days while others tend to linger around for long. The only available cure for cold is restricted to symptomatic support and its efficacy is just to limit the potential complications and the duration it will put you down.

Below, I have outlined a few steps which will make you fell more comfortable and are not necessary to cure the cold completely. If followed religiously the results are marvellous.

Try Resting:

By taking a few day from work or school will do the trick. It is too uncomfortable to be at work or school with a blocked or runny nose always thinking of sneezing. The nagging headache that comes with makes you not concentrate on your work. Resting will help you gain more energy to fight off the infection.

Drink a lot of water and fresh juice:

Colds tend to make you dehydrated and replacing lost body liquids. When you are hydrated, chances of getting sore throats and headaches are very high. You may visit the washroom quite frequently since your body is trying to get rid of the virus, this also happens when you cough or sneeze. A good indicator that you are taking enough fluids is when your urine is clear. Hot soups are also good remedies as they help in loosening mucus in your nasal cavity and chest.

Chicken soup and spicy foods:

A good intake of spicy foods and chicken soup slows down the movement of specific white blood cells which are known to cause cold symptoms. Hot fluids and soups are known to clear the nasal passage as well as soothing the throat. A salt pinch once in a while in the hot soup helps in fighting the infection.

Wash hands after blowing your nose:

Hand washing is very crucial since when you blow your nose, germs are still in your hands and you keep re-infecting yourself every time you blow your nose. It is also advisable to use disposable hand clothes or wipes to blow your nose.

Do not use nose decongestants:

Nasal decongestants are not recommended unless it is absolutely necessary. These are wrongly believed to help in reducing the swelling of mucous membranes; instead, they trap bacteria making your cold chronic or last longer.

Flush your sinuses regularly:

This method if done correctly using a decongestant free saline nasal solution helps in easing the discomfort caused by the common cold.

Vitamin C supplements:

Taking vitamin C supplements is a sure way of eradicating the cold; its effectiveness is still debatable. Eating fresh oranges is far much better than the generic supplements though.

By following the above tips, colds will not strain you as much as when you are not following them. As much as possible; try avoiding prescriptions from your local physician for a cold.

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