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Home Remedies for Peptic Ulcer That Can Provide Instant Relief


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Ulcer has been noted to be very dangerous in some years ago and during the beginning of ulcer, a lot of people actually died out of this issue and majority were suffering so much from it. Most at times the erosion caused in the inner of the stomach lining and intestinal track has been referred to or known as peptic ulcer. However, the ulcer in the stomach is known as gastric ulcer. The relevant thing is that, ulcer can be very detrimental when care is not taken. Recent research shows that, ulcer is actually caused by a bacterium known as helicobacter pylori which causes a lot of perforations in the stomach lining. From this, excessive alcohol intake, high intake of spicy foods, high intake of coffee and smoking are all causes of ulcer. Some of the symptoms of ulcer include sharp and severe pain along with discomfort mostly in the upper part of the abdomen.

Some home remedies for peptic ulcer can be elaborated below; research shows that eating banana everyday is the most effective ways of treating peptic ulcer. This is very effective and most people who have actually given it a try are usually very happy with the results. Banana though may sound funny has really been of good help to most peptic ulcer victims and as such this should be acknowledged. Banana is noted to neutralize the hyperacidity of the gastric juices. Moreover, milk shake from banana is also very good for curing peptic ulcer.

Furthermore, another way is to take in cold milk without sugar. This is also effective in reducing most of the acids in the stomach hence providing relief from the sensation as a result of the burns. It is also common to come by milk and this therefore implies that, this particular remedy is both for the rich and the poor because most people can always afford milk. Again one can decide to prepare 10 grams of paste from drumsticks leaves and water. This mix can then be added in a half cup of yoghurt and taken everyday. It is very effective and all those who have always gone through this have always testified to it.

Moreover, an individual can also decide to soak 15 grams leaves of wood apple in the presence of 250 ml of water and this can be kept overnight. The concoction can then be strained in the following morning and taken. This of course is noted to be very effective. Again an individual can also decide to apply a hot pack over the abdominal region and this is also noted to be very effective

Hitherto, it is also noted that, a mixture of cabbage and carrot juice is also very effective. This two commodities have special substances that really take care of this situation and hence very effective in treating peptic ulcer. It is worthwhile to state here that, approaching peptic ulcer in the right way will definitely help solve that problem. It is therefore good that, all victims do take these remedies seriously.

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