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Finding a Hemorrhoids Natural Cure: Getting Rid of Hemorrhoids for Good


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What do you imagine when you think of a hemorrhoids natural cure? It may be something from nature that can actually get rid of hemorrhoids, instead of just mask the symptoms. But does such a substance actually exist in nature?

When most people first try to treat hemorrhoids, they turn to the over the counter remedies you find at the local drug store. Preparation H, Tucks Pads, and the like. However, you may find that your hemorrhoid doesn't get any better by using these items. In some cases, it may actually get worse.

Why is this? The truth is, these remedies only treat the main symptoms of hemorrhoids - the itching and the pain. They do not treat the root cause. In fact, they may make the hemorrhoids worse because you ignore the pain and don't take action to actually get rid of the hemorrhoid. Plus, if you have a bleeding hemorrhoid, using these products can actually be harmful to your health!

After these don't work for a while, you may consider having a medical procedure done to get rid of the pesky hemorrhoid. However, even these do not resolve the cause of the hemorrhoid. Instead, all the procedures, from hemorrhoidectomies to laser removal to banding, only remove the current bulb. They do nothing to get rid of the varicose vein that is causing the lump to pop out.

So even if you go through with surgery, you still may end up with hemorrhoids. At this point, you're out thousands of dollars and still miserable. What can you do to get rid of it once and for all?

Simple. You need to treat the cause of the hemorrhoid, not the symptoms. And the best way to do this is to use a hemorrhoids natural cure.

This sort of cure is used to help shrink the varicose vein that is causing the problem. There's a lot of folklore on what works and what doesn't work for this problem. But many people have found relief through soaking in a sitz bath with just one added ingredient. This shrinks the existing hemorrhoid to the point where it no longer causes problems.

Of course, even if you get the vein to retract, the wall is still going to be fragile. So you will have to make sure to keep it from popping out again. This is done through avoiding strain and eating foods that strengthen the vein walls. One food you can eat is bananas. They work well as a hemorrhoids natural cure.

These above methods can all help you shrink an existing hemorrhoid. But to truly get rid of the hemorrhoids, you need to cure the varicose veins. This requires a more complex method of hemorrhoids natural cure .

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