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Gastric bypass surgery; a step towards healthy weight


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Severe obesity is a chronic condition that is not only difficult to treat but is also the silent killer of your self-confidence. You might have been tired of controlling your diet, running to the gym, might have now almost drained off from those sit ups, yet fail to attain the hour glass figure. Fret no more! With the immense growth of medical science, gastric bypass surgery is there to help you in attaining healthy weight.

Gastric bypass surgery is a typical bariatric surgery, which supports in changing your digestive system. This leads to a lesser amount of food consumption and digestion, which in turn helps in controlling your weight.

A team of the best plastic surgeons creates a small pouch right at the top of your stomach while adding a bypass around the part near your stomach and small intestine. The Jacksonville plastic surgeons staple the stomach whilst sealing it off from the other part of your body. This is indeed the new stomach, which bears the size of a walnut and can only hold a few ounce of food. This new stomach is physically separated from the rest of the stomach and the plastic surgeons also make a channel at the small intestine to directly link it on to the newly created pouch stomach. This connection supports in redirecting food

Jacksonville gastric bypass surgery is safe and involves less postoperative complications. Famed to provide long-term and consistent weight loss, this weight loss surgery has become the choice of the era to ensure a trustworthy step towards healthy weight.

Expect to lose at least 50-60 percent of your excess weight within the first two years of the gastric bypass surgery. However, apart from loosing weight drastically this weight loss surgery benefits you while resolving other disorder, associated with obesity.

Gastric bypass surgery thus helps in checking the following disorders.

  • Type 2 or the adult-onset diabetes

  • Checks high blood pressure

  • Controls high blood cholesterol

  • Resolves obstructive sleep apnea

  • The surgery also helps in resolving the Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

After this weight loss surgery you wont be allowed to eat for three days to heal the stomach. Then a specific progression of the diet is followed for about 12 weeks. You might experience some the following physical changes during the first few months

  • Body aches and joint pains

  • A tired feeling

  • Chapped and dry skin

  • Hair thinning and hair loss

  • Mood swings


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