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Are Thick Toenails a Sign of Toenail Fungus?


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Don't mistake thick toenails associated with an injury with thick toenails accompanied with toenail fungus. If your toenails are getting thick you should try to determine the cause. Maybe its your shoes, or your not keeping your toenails trimmed down and the nail is pounding on the inside of your shoes causing trauma to the nails. It could also be signs of toenail fungus. Carefully inspect your toenail to determine the likely cause.

Thick toenails associated with an injury;

Thick or distorted looking toenails could be a result of an injury, dropping something on your feet, kicking the side of a bed, injury from a sport related function or even toenail fungus. Nails could also look bruised, black and even painful after injury. Thickening of the toenail and damaged from an injury, is due to damage of the root of the nail (nail bed).

Thick toenails associated with toenail fungus;

Thick toenails could also be a result of toenail fungus. Usually, before a thick toenail begins to develop, signs of unusual nail color can be observed. For example, the nail may start to turn a yellow or brownish color where normal color would otherwise be observed. It can start at the nail bed and continue working itself down to the tip of the nail. As the fungus spreads the nail continues to develop and thicken.

A thick nail can be treated very effectively. Whether its an injury or a suspect for a toenail fungus, start by getting a good nail file or emery board and then filing the nail down as much as possible. You may want to soak your feet for awhile as it makes it easier to file a soft nail I find. A thinner nail will feel far more comfortable in a shoe and if its a fungus infection its a great start before treatment.

The reason why you should file a thick nail as thin as possible is so you can apply a toenail fungus topical solution directly on the nail, so that it can penetrate down through the nail layers and come in direct contact the fungus. Fungal solutions that contain rich oils such as Tea tree oil and other essential oils, is a great start to your treatment.

With time, you should be able to reduce or completely eliminate the look and feel of thick nail.

June Holland is an ex toenail sufferer, and an author of articles related to nail and skin care health. For more information on toenail fungus, visit my discussion blog at for all the latest information.


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