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Olive Oil and Kidney Stones


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Kidney stones are unfortunately a fact of life for many people. Fortunately, this annoying health problem can often be solved outside of a doctor's office. Kidney stones are often gotten rid of without any surgical medical procedures. This can be done with one of several home remedies for this problem. Most of these home remedies should be used with other home remedies to be thorough in dissolving these pesky body build ups.

Olive oil and kidney stones are connected through a couple of these home remedies. Olive oil is mostly used along with lemon juice to make an effective recipe for ridding oneself of these sorts of internal build ups and deposits. Olive oil is not usually effective by itself, but appears to be very effective when used with lemon juice and a good dose of hot water.

This remedy is not only for olive oil and kidney stones, but also olive oil and gallstones. So, if you are ailed by either of these health problems, this home remedy may just work for you. It is recommended that all eating be stopped for forty eight to seventy two hours. It is suggested that during this time you intake nothing but water. Cranberry juice is also acceptable in this period of only fluid intake as cranberries are a natural diuretic. It is also suggested that the water that is ingested during this time be distilled.

However, if your tap water is not considered to be hard water, it should be alright. The hard water from a tap is too full of minerals and can further irritate your condition rather than help it. After you spend two to three days purging your system of nothing but water, it is wise to spend an extra day in taking juices like cranberry juice if you have not already done that. Pear juice and beet juice are also great for this sort of condition.

After these few grueling days of nothing but liquids, you may now integrate solid foods. Solid foods like shredded raw beets are good to start with. When beginning to eat these solid foods, you will now start to incorporate the olive oil into the mix of things along with lemon juice. Adding uncooked applesauce to this recipe is also a wise idea. Olive oil is quite necessary to this diet, as it stimulates the production and proper elimination of the fat digesting enzyme which is known as lipase.

If at all possible, use only high quality olive oil to keep the formation of these troublesome stones at bay. Be sure to avoid meats, greasy foods, deep fried items, or any other processed fats or oils. This includes margarine and butter, so be careful not to use these things too. Eating small meals is also a good idea. You do not want over work your healing insides at this time. Be as easy on yourself as possible. Some people will not be able to take it as easy as they should during this healing process, but it is important to try and be as easy possible with yourself at this time.

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