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Easiest Home Remedy For Acidosis

Muryal Braun

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Perhaps you've had an infection that wouldn't heal. Or you are very susceptible to colds. Do you think, “I must be getting old and am not able to fight these things like I used to. "

Or perhaps you have seen ads for expensive remedies that could help. There are products on the market now that claim to be the answer to acidosis, but there is a simple product in your kitchen cabinet that works very well for less than a penny a day.

I should backtrack because I have known for a long time that the antacids on the market are dangerous to your health. In order to absorb nutrients from our digestive system we need to have an acid condition in the stomach and small intestines.

It is also a well known fact that our blood needs to be alkaline in order to fight germs and maintain health. So how can we accomplish both? I read an article by Dr. Nan Fuchs that helped solve that dilemma. Dr. Fuchs in her monthly health letter, Natural Health Journal, encouraged taking 1 teaspoon of ordinary baking soda per day to cause the blood to be alkaline.

I resisted the idea until she went on to say that the soda should be taken at least one-half hour before eating any food, first thing upon awakening in the morning. She explained that it would then pass through the digestive system before the food entered and the acid needed for digestion would be supplied in time for good use of nutrients.

Then I reasoned, “What if you get too much and your system becomes too alkaline?" But Dr. Fuchs went on to say that if your system becomes too alkaline you can just cut back to 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda each day for a while. That convinced me to try that, so I have been taking 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda each morning for almost 2 years and am convinced it has truly kept me healthier.

I have taken mega doses of vitamins and minerals for many years and have enjoyed excellent health. But I noticed that when I missed getting my 8 hours of sleep for a few nights, I would get a sore throat and feel a cold coming on. Then I would have a few days of stepped up nutritional efforts to fight it off. But since starting upon the baking soda regimen, I have not had any colds.

This is such a simple and cheap method for increasing the ability of your body to fight infection, that it is something anyone can try.

For your good health,
Muryal Braun

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Muryal Braun has been a Nutritional Researcher for 40 years. She has given lectures and published articles in this field and has applied good health principles in her own life to maintain a very active and healthy lifestyle. . Her websites: and are dedicated to helping others.

have you been bothered by infections or colds

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