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Overcome Sweating Problems - Proven Stop Sweating Tips


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Excessive sweating is not only an embarrassing problem, but the also a recurring nuisance which somehow can not be cured permanently. When you sweat excessively it is a medical condition, called hyperhidrosis However, there are some proven stop sweating tips which could keep the problem under control:

  • Due to the smell caused by over sweating, people resort to multiple bottles of antiperspirant or deodorant sprays or roll-ons. This can not be any remedy for over sweating, but can help you overcome sweating problems on a temporary basis.

  • Many of the excessive sweating problems are caused by psychological disturbances like stress, anxiety, depression, etc. When you seek medical help, doctors would usually prescribe anti-depressants which may help you overcome sweating problems to an extent.

  • Avoid overtly spicy or scented foods. Remember that these can not prevent over sweating but may take care of the bad odor associated with it.
  • In case you find that the over sweating problem is concentrated primarily on the armpit area, shaving your armpits regularly helps in controlling the bad odor. Bacterial growth in the hair under the arms and the odor is caused by the bacterial feeding off the sweat which causes the odor.

  • Another proven tip to stop sweating is treatment with 20% aluminum chloride solution. The solution would enter the sweat glands and as a result the glands swell. This blocks the perspiration to reach the top layer of the skin. As you carry on with this treatment, the sweat glands are like to shrink permanently, which means that less sweat in the future.

  • There are some dietary tips which can help you overcome excessive sweating. Eating grapes or fresh grape juice every day helps. The mode of action is that this fruit helps in cooling the body and thereby stop sweating.

  • Another home remedy is to drink buttermilk everyday. Drinking a cup of tomato juice everyday for a week also helps overcome sweating problems. During the second week, drink the same cup of tomato juice every alternate day as a follow up therapy.

  • To kill the bacteria which cause the bad odor from excessive sweating, put some vinegar and juice of half a lime in your bath water. This reduces the need for a deodorant and would help in eradicating the bacteria as well.

  • Another home remedy that is effective in bad odor and can tackle over sweating problem is to soak cotton wool pads in a solution of water and baking soda powder. Use this solution to underarm cleaning.

  • You could also put some apple cider vinegar under your armpits to prevent over sweating as well as kill bad odor.

  • If you daily scrub your body with chamomile oil, this could also be effective in stopping over perspiration and stop body odor.

  • If you want to prevent over sweating wear clothes which are made of natural fabrics like cotton, wool and silk. Since these fabrics allow easy passage of air, it decreases sweating drastically.

  • Wearing a hat during summer is a good idea as the temperature of your head controls your body temperature as well and this can prevent sweating.

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    Tips And Strategies To Overcome Excessive Sweating
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