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Why Take The Ayurveda Health And Beauty Dosha Survey?


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In the science of ayurvedic medicine, body type survey is used as one of the diagnostic methods of the science of Ayurveda.

This self-protocol test is an accurate description of the examination done by the Ayurveda Rishis’ Physicians. These ancient physicians performed the examinations and recorded the results in sanskrit originally

It is important to understand that taking this test out of the lineup of all the other tools that the ayurvedic doctor uses is like taking a tone out of the seven tones.

It is only part of the examination findings that lead the ayurvedic doctor to a course of treatment. This survey introduces you to yourself. There are many surveys to complete in a lifetime because they are a convenient way of objectively knowing yourself.

The eternal benefit is you are taught your ayurveda body type with this survey. This is the first step in the bell tones of ayurved. . The Great Benefit to a twenty-first century person to learn the ancient science of ayurveda body type still is that the ayurveda health body science makes sense.

Ayurveda is a logical and complete body science with easy steps to follow. Exercise, Relaxation Techniques, food and herbs all uniquely chosen for your age, season, and even, time of the day. These daily observations are the very details of your disorder in the eyes of ayurveda. Ayurveda uses this body info, just as a few of the tools of ayurveda.

Easy to follow. One can follow the ayurvedic logic back to health.

You do not have to trust it, the results speak for itself.

Ayurveda Body Type Survey provides a modern person a blueprint to understand the nuts and bolts about their sacred vehicle.

The survey is an excellent tool to focus the person back to themselves without preconceived ideas of who they wish they were.

The survey works to deliver that message. It actually happens in the taking of the survey.

As you answer questions without thinking and just describing yourself naturally.

A special thing happens. You are focusing on yourself without judgment. Self-knowledge is the reward. Seeing yourself with strengths and parts that need your love and nourishment to balance is life transforming. Body Type Survey is a gift from the ancient sumerians to us. Talk about timelessness.

The same way a good doctor would exam a patient, you examine you

The survey that the ancient physician created was thorough and answered to the doctor ,

in the case of the individual body type seeker, you are the doctor. For the next article I wll give you a tip for homework: Remember One Important Fact in Ayurved Science. Vata Leads The Doshas.

Thank-you for joining with me to popularize ayurveda in the twenty-first century.

Take Yur Dosha Survey Today. Learn about you, nourish you, listen to you, heal you, make you happy, start by getting to know you the ayurveda way. 2007 © Copyright Dr. Helen Thomas D. C. B. A. All rights reserved in all countries

Go to Take the dosha survey. Change your life because you add to your knowledge base using ayurveda health and beauty dosha survey.


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