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Dish washing detergents are responsible for many sicknesses, but your doctor probably won't tell you that. Most of the time, they don't know that it is the detergents that cause it.

Dish washing detergent and other cleaning agents may also have diethylaminoethyl (a liver poison), triphenylphosphine (a toxic metabolic stimulant), chlorine, or carbamazepine (another central nervous system depressant). Not only are these chemicals dangerous to your children and pets if ingested, but whenever you wash dishes or clean with them, you’re releasing fumes containing these toxins into the air you’re breathing.

The residue left on plates and glasses are usually transparent, but if you tilt your dishes in the sunlight, you should see some sort of streak residue. If a wet meal were to be put on this, whether the streak was wet or dry, imagine what you would be ingesting.

This is only my opinion, but if you're going to be eating off the same plate, then whatever you wish it with afterwards should be so safe and nature friendly, that even if it ends up in your food, it won't be toxic or poisonous.

Also, it's important that the dish washing detergent biodegrade in no more than 3 days, as toxins will make their way to the sea.

Our skin pores may be small, but they are still portals to the bloodstream. If you were to wash your dishes with the store-bought variety, you might want to check your blood samples or your liver. You'd be surprised to learn what made its way in there! You might be even more surprised by the condition of your liver too.

If you would like to know of a dish wash soap that is not a soap, but cleans dishes effectively without the toxins, just check out the website below. The more you know, the better your health and the environment will be! Do it not only for yourself, but also your family, your home and your environment.

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