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3 D AngioCardiography: What it is?

Uday Patel

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Angiography is a technique used to inspect the lumen of blood vessels for blockages. This is an invasive technique with many fall backs. While 3 D Cardio angiography is non invasive technique with no risk at all to the person. In the former process a radio opaque dye is injected in the blood vessels and then imaging is done using X Rays technique such as fluoroscopy.

The process used in angiography is fraught with risk. There have been instance of kidney damage, blood clots damage to vessel walls whence the catheter is moved in during the angiogram. Normally a film is made of the point where the dye is injected. The filming is done using special equipment and technique. The imagery helps the radiologist or the cardiologist to see the blockages and damage in the blood vascular system.

3 D angio-cadiography is carried with the help of a machine. The machine can record precise digital signal in order to observe minute changes that occur in the cardiovascular system. This method visualizes changes that coronary angiogram cannot. Blood flow reduction is detected easily which is suggestive of blockage in small vessel. In absence of colored 3D cardio angiography, micro angiography would have to be carried which is costly and risky.

The blood flow pattern is recorded using Vertical acceleration detector or VAD and DSP or digital signal processing. This is done during the various instances of the cardiac cycles. 3D ACG is non invasive technique and does not require any dye to be injected. This makes it safe and affordable. Non surgical heart treatments and diagnostics as colored 3 D angiocardiography is becoming popular. There are many clinics that offer this diagnostic method. The process costs much less than angiography and is safer.

Invasive heart treatments such as coronary angiography are costly and can cause fatalities. More and more nonsurgical processes are being developed for heart care.

Most of the cardio centers are still into invasive treatments all over the World. But non surgical processes are becoming rapidly popular. The cost benefits and safety are major consideration that encourages this technology.


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3 D AngioCardiography: What it is?
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